In The Hospital

Dear Christian Friends,

I am writing on behalf of our mutual friend, Dr. J.B.

He is, as of this writing, in _____ Hospital in California.

I spoke with him tonight and he is doing tolerably well

for a man his age.

His purpose is asking me to write is to inform you that this week’s

ANC will not be arriving in your inbox. He views ANC as his only

ministry opportunity and takes it extremely seriously. I’m sure

you have observed that.

My purpose in writing is to request special prayer for our friend.

He is not in any critical condition; but, at his age, everything

might well be considered on the border of “critical.” He and his wife

have some great burdens, and I am confident that the LORD is both

competent and disposed to bear them. May we bear the burden of

prayer on their behalf. God bless you for your faithfulness.

Heartily in Christ,


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