A BRIEF EDITORIAL COMMENT: In a week when we are still trying
- unsuccessfully - to comprehend the situation in which we find ourselves
as American Christians, strangely enough, it was Glenn Beck on FOX
news who perhaps best expressed how so many of us feel: "I'm sick and
tired of waiting for a leader." If we are to continue with ANC -- and that
is very much open to question -- we will continue to hold forth the true
Evangelical Christian position, with Conservative views on theology,
politics, culture, and economics. Right now the best thing we can suggest
is that we pray -- not the Obama "moment of silence" photo-op -- but really
pray for God to bless and straighten out America. This is a non-debatable
truth; There is no other way. And although this may be the last time we
will say it: there are 664 days till Election Day, Nov. 6, 2012 -- 664 days
to pray for new leaders to restore America to what it was intended to be.
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Politically, in the present totally polarized partisan division of our country,
they are on their way to establishing that position as a fact. The so-called
"Elite Media," led by the ultra-liberal left-wing commentators have taken
the position that the Tucson shootings could be traced to the evil influence
of Conservatives; members of the Tea Party; right-wing spokespersons like
Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck; former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin;
and, of course, FOX News. Richard Pollock, DC Bureau Chief of Pajamas
Media, said it well: "I am pretty wary of people who try to seek political
gain out of terrible tragedies." And Juan Williams, recently discharged
from NPR, and now with FOX News, tried to straighten out the erroneous
conceptions held by the "Elite Media," in his summary, "Some on the left
are taking cheap shots to try to keep Republicans on the defensive. In
all honesty, I don't see any direct connection between any Republican
group and this shooter ... who is a psycho nut-job."

But they are trying. President Obama, in his new slightly more centrist
position, sees this event as an unexpected opportunity to move the focus
of national attention from his record of failed accomplishments in his first
two years in office, and is doing everything possible -- special television
announcements, a very public "moment of silence (featuring himself and
Mrs. Obama in a joint appearance on the South Lawn of the White House,
along with White House staff), and even using news coverage of a meeting
with French President Sarkozy, to talk about the event, and all he is doing
to cope with it. How much different was Bill Clinton's handling of the
Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, with 168 deaths and over 500 wounded;
and George W. Bush's handling of the major attack of 9/11.

There is also the comparison of the murders at Fort Hood, TX, in Nov.,
2009, when Nidal Malik Hasan, a Major in the U.S. Army, and an active
Muslim, launched his Jihad in the largest attack on a military base on
American soil in our nation's history. On the day of his attack, Major
Hasan distributed Quran literature and called on infidels to convert to
Islam. As he was murdering American soldiers -- 13 dead, 30 wounded
-- he was screaming 'Allahu Akbar' (Allah is the greatest). But this
attack has been kept under cover. The trial is proceeding slowly. There
was no presidential ordered "moment of silence," although both Houses
of the Congress did observe moments of silence.

There has been another aspect of the two shootings that has not received
much attention from the pro-Obama biased media -- that the shooting in
Tucson was the act of an apparently mentally deranged, confused young
man (Ben Johnson called it the "last assassination of the 1960s.") --
whereas the shooting at Fort Hood was the act of a religiously motivated,
well educated follower of a pagan religion, a Major in the U.S. Army,
observing the dictates of his religion.

Somehow in Mr. Obama's estimation, the attack on a Democrat Member
of Congress seems to take precedence in importance over the deaths of
American military . . . and the fact that this was a Muslim act of terror has
been essentially ignored.

And this observation must be expressed; Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's
former Chief of Staff, once said that one should never let a good crisis go
to waste. The shameless exploitation of this tragic event by the left-leaning
media and the Liberals in Congress and the present administration, have
gone too far -- even by usual Liberal standards. But now for this week no
actions will be taken by Congress. By next week this may all be sorted out.
Until then, our prayers should be in behalf of the families and loved ones
of the 6 who were killed, and the 20 who were wounded -- and not solely
in behalf of Representative Giffords, who has been the object of most of
the media's attention.

But life goes on, and we can learn from "What Others Are Saying."

John F. Kennedy (at Yale Univ., 1962): "The great enemy of truth is
very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the
myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."

Jerry McConnell ( "We have all heard how
narcissistic Barack Obama really is and how he does not like to take
orders from anybody but, presumably, Allah, his Muslim deity.
(Christian? Don’t make me laugh.) Well, for two years while he had
control over the United States Congress he was at least pictured to be
compliant with the whims of Pelosi and Reid, but secretly they also
had to be in concert with whomever it is that runs his complicated
mind. (George Soros perhaps?)"

Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs): (On Gibbs out as press secretary)
"Frankly, this is of little import. What difference does it make who
the press secretary is when you have the most opaque, dishonest and
secretive administration in US history? Seriously. Gibbs was a
bumbling, contemptuous fool, but in an O-ministration, that is what
is required."

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Washington, D.C., 1954): "So long as we
govern our nation by the letter and spirit of the Bill of Rights, we can
be sure that our nation will grow in strength and wisdom and freedom."

Skip MacLure (in Conservative Outpost): "Obama is an aberration
of history fueled by George Soros and others, aided by an inexplicable
mass, so-called white guilt syndrome...The symptoms of the syndrome
were easy to spot. Usually sane, reasonably balanced people, who
normally scarcely gave a thought to politics, were running around
proclaiming the historical importance of an African (literally)
American in the presidency, and heralding an end to racial strife and
division. That none of these things came to fruition is historical fact
now, and Obama’s unassailable political citadel is no more."

And a few enjoyable "One Liners" that we came across this week:

"When the GOP takes their seats...the House of Representatives will
no longer be the place for one-stop shopping on the President's
liberal agenda." -- Tony Perkins, FRC

"America's Mother-in-Law surrendered the gavel to John Boehner,
ridding us of our four year long national nightmare." -- Erick Erickson

"In reading the Constitution aloud, the 112th Congress will ... read
an arrest warrant to an out-of-control government."
-- John Hayward, columnist

"If there's a debt ceiling ... that means there's also a spending floor."
-- Arnold Ahlert, columnist

And here are just a few random "Afterthoughts" . . .

In case you wondered: Twenty-nine percent of China's population uses
the internet, making China the world's largest online community at 384
million, more than the entire population of the United States.

Probably no one wondered about this: Michelle Obama has a new
Chief of Staff -- Tina Tchen, replacing Susan Sher. Some of us didn't
know the wife of the president even had a Chief of Staff.

We all know about freedom of religion -- it is guaranteed by the Bill of
Rights in the U.S. Constitution. In Madison, WI, there is an organization
called "Freedom from Religion" -- and they just won a victory in a legal
case whereby U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb, in the Western District
of Wisconsin, declared the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. We
knew that Mr. Obama didn't care for it, but it was signed into law in 1952
by another Democrat, Harry S. Truman, after being passed by Congress.
Naturally the decision will be appealed, but this is a reminder that those
atheists continue to be active.

Chalk up another win for the homosexuals: Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton has announced that that the forms required for first-time passport
applicants younger than 16, instead of asking for "Mother" and "Father,"
will ask for the names of a child's "Mother or Parent 1" and "Father or
Parent 2" - a more gender-neutral reference sought by gay rights groups on
behalf of same-sex parents. This change in passport application forms
means gay rights organizations can cross another item off a list of their
proposed changes -- called a "Blueprint for Positive Change" by some
groups -- presented to Obama aides during the 2008 presidential transition
as a series of changes that could be made through executive action without
congressional approval.

And here's another religious statistic: we all know Islam is a "religion
of peace" -- we have been told that often enough. But the website: lists for 2010 a total of 1,987 jihad attacks
in 46 countries with 9,175 deaths and 17,436 critically injured. One
wonders just how much more of this "peace" we can stand.

And here's a non-religious statistic -- changes under Obama: (1) The
number of American adults calling themselves "Republicans," increased
in December by one point over November, to 37.0%. The number calling
themselves "Democrats" decreased in December by one point from
November to 33.7%. (2) The national average price of regular gas on Jan.
1, 2009 was $1.84. On Dec. 27, 2010 it was $3.05 -- a 66% increase in
just 2 years under Obama.

As a follow-up on Obama's phone call about Michael Vick, the dog
abuser whom the Philadelphia Eagles reinstated as their starting
quarterback (but they were eliminated by the Green Bay Packers in the
play-offs) -- the Rev. Harry R. Jackson, Jr., an African-American pastor
in Beltsville, MD, reported that Obama's call to Jeffrey Lurie, the owner
of the Eagles, wasn't about Vick's rehabilitation as Obama had stated,
but was really to push the president's Green Agenda. Obama urged Lurie
to make the team's home stadium "greener." Jackson said the president
wanted Lurie to support his Green Agenda. What was it that Abraham
Lincoln said about fooling people some of the time . . .

One final "Afterthought" . . . we're waiting . . . Each year, the President
declares January 16th to be Religious Freedom Day, and calls upon all
Americans to "observe this day through appropriate events and
activities in homes, schools, and places of worship." The date is the
anniversary of the passage, in 1786, of the Virginia Statute of Religious
Freedom. In 2010 President Obama followed the lead of former presidents
in issuing the annual proclamation.

We never close without citing quotes from our Founding Fathers.

"No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand
which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People of the United
States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an
independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of
providential agency." -- George Washington, 1789

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the
people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge,
as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them
understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a
right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that
most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters
and conduct of their rulers." -- John Adams, 1765

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