this is the Explanation: we take present day events, and how they relate
to Christians, or how Christians should relate to them, as extremely
important. Thus we never try to serve as a news source, per se, but
rather we try to relate current events to our nation, its history and
purpose, and to suggest the Bible based response Christians should
demonstrate. You can count on us never to deviate from that

responsibility. Second, this is the Word of Apology: email on the
Internet has
become a wonderful means of communication. In many
respects it has already surpassed traditional media -- press and TV --
in keeping America, and the world, informed. But there are problems --
some beyond our control. There are times when portions of our
newsletter/commentary are double spaced, and there is nothing we can
do about it. Each issue passes through a score or more of technical
services out there in what is called "Cyber World." If we are ever able
to correct this problem -- we assure you, we will. For now it is just one
of the problems we face. But we're trying. Thank you for understanding.
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From the strict standpoint of leader, leaders or leading, the Bible isn't
quite as explicit as we might think -- and hope -- it would be. On the
other hand, the Bible is very clear on the subject of choose, choosing
or chosen, particularly with respect to God's choice of men for some
specific purpose.

And the Bible has much to say about the advantages of having a wise
and Godly man in control. In Proverbs, for example, God's views are
repeated again and again . . .
"The way of the Lord is strength to
the upright ... The integrity of the upright shall guide them ...
Where no counsel is, the people fall ... Righteousness exalteth
a nation." (Proverbs 10 - 14)

First, concerning America's Christian leadership.
From time to time, throughout its history, America has been blessed
by strong Christian leaders. We would seriously err in attempting to
list such figures in America's Christian history, because we would
surely omit some that should be mentioned. But even with that very
meaningful caveat, there are a few names in the nation 's past that
must be named: Jonathan Edwards, who sparked the great awakening
of the 1730s, and is considered America's first theologian . . . D. L.
Moody, whose Bible based evangelism shook both America and
Britain, and whose Moody Bible Institute in Chicago opened the
doors of Bible study and Bible preaching to generations of American
pastors . . . W.B. Riley, who is considered the father of American
Fundamentalism, which led the way into the 20th century Evangelical
movement . . . and Lewis Sperry Chafer, the 20th century theologian
who legitimized from a scholarly theological standpoint the
dispensational school of Bible interpretation, and founded one of the
world's largest, most influential theological seminaries.

And in recent years, the Evangelical movement grew in importance
and influence under the leadership of two men, who both died in
2007: Jerry Falwell, on May 15, and D. James Kennedy, on
September 5. Falwell founded one of the nation's truly Biblically
sound mega-churches in Lynchburg, VA (pastored today by his son,
Jonathan), founded the world's largest Evangelical University (headed
today by his son, Jerry, Jr.), and founded the Moral Majority, a
Christian/political movement which was "Pro Family, Pro Life, Pro
Defense and Pro Israel." Falwell was the principal spokesman for
the Evangelical movement of our time. No one has emerged, or is
even on the horizon, to take his place. Dr. D. James Kennedy also
founded a Biblically sound mega church, founded a theological
seminary and founded the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ,
and Evangelism Explosion International. As is the case with Jerry
Falwell, no one has emerged to take his place. In the loss of these
two recent day leaders, the true Evangelical movement has become
temporarily leaderless. But God has always had His man to fulfill His
purpose, and the words of the Lord in Ezekiel 22:30 come to mind:
"I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge,
and stand in the gap ..."

And concerning America's political leadership.
The Founding Fathers held very strong views on this subject. In 1816,
John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme court, wrote:
"Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers,
and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our
Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.
Whether our religion permits Christians to vote for infidel rulers
is a question which merits more consideration ... It appears to
me that what the prophet said to Jehoshaphat about his
attachment to Ahab ('Shouldest thou help the ungodly and love
them that hate the Lord?' II Chronicles 19:2) affords a salutary

In the April 4 issue of ANC, we quoted from Dr. Geoffrey Hunt
writing in the American Thinker: "Barack Obama is on track to
have the most spectacularly failed presidency since Woodrow
Wilson ... Obama is failing. Failing big. Failing fast." That was
two months ago. Dr. Hunt was right then. He is equally right today.

Every item of the Obama agenda is in trouble. "Obamacare," the
health care reform act which he forced through Congress against the
expressed views of the American people, today has 58% of those
people favoring its repeal. But his answer is to spend over $100
million for a tour where he will appear before carefully selected
audiences and try to persuade them that they really do like and want
this health plan. But the people don't like the man. They don't trust
the man. Only 46% approve of his performance as president. And his
daily approval rating index has been in double digit negative numbers
for months, standing at -18 today, a big drop from the +21 on his
Inauguration Day.

Peter Ferrara, writing in the American Spectator, went further than
most: "Months ago, I predicted...that President Obama would so
discredit himself in office that he wouldn't even be on the ballot
in 2012... I am now ready to predict that President Obama will
not even make it that far. I predict that he will resign in
discredited disgrace before the fall of 2012."

Mr. Ferrara may have gone a bit too far, but, of course, November,
2012 is still a long way off. Well before that date is November 2 of
this year, and the results of those election races may play a major role
in the scenario Mr. Ferrera has proposed. This we do know -- that
the Obama domestic agenda is not meeting wide spread approval on
the part of the American people, with just about every part of it being
opposed by substantial majorities.

The international agenda has also fallen on hard times, as Obama
continues to drive a wedge between America and its long term allies,
like Great Britain, Israel and most recently Turkey, our long time ally
in the Middle East, which has now aligned itself with Iran. His boasts
to the Muslim world that America is not a Christian nation, and his
bowing in humble obeisance to Muslim rulers (something no American
president has ever done before) have not achieved the diplomatic
breakthroughs he had expected.

Meantime, his conduct, as president, has drawn severe criticism on
many home fronts. John Gibson, a trusted Conservative commentator,
summarized the present situation, pointing out that while the jobs report
was unfavorable and the stock market tumbled and the oil spill
threatened to doom the Gulf coast region, the parties at the White
House rolled on, including a picnic for members of Congress. Then he
adds, "All told, during the weeks of spewing oil and rampant
unemployment, he has frolicked and danced through three White
House music parties: * The black tie bash on the White House
South Lawn for Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, which
featured singer Beyonce. * The Paul McCartney hootenanny ...
which featured the president himself scooting on the dance floor
to join the Jonas Brothers in the closing refrain of 'Hey Jude.'
*The Ford Theater event -- in which the president, taking a
break from 'kicking ass' on the oil spill, kicked back and
relaxed to the song stylings of one-time American Idol winner
Kelly Clarkson."

Gibson concludes with the reminder that it was one thing when the
president launched his White House days with Martini Wednesdays
and Stevie Wonder concerts, and suggests that now it's different.
"Now the president's carrying on with fun and parties in the
midst of crisis has reinforced a feeling he's out of touch."

Thus, as is the case with our nation's Christian leadership, so with
our political leadership, we are also lacking. And in similar fashion,
a new political leader has not yet become evident.

One of Mr. Obama's most unfortunate and ill advised acts has been
his decision last week to send a financial contribution of $400 million
to the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, to provide fresh water
and shelter to the people in what Obama described as the
"unsustainable" Gaza Strip. "It is important for us to explore
new mechanisms so that we can have goods and services and
economic development, and the ability of people to start their
own businesses, and to grow the economy and provide
opportunity within Gaza," he said after meeting with the
Palestinian leader.

Probably the best comment on this gift to benefit the Hamas
terrorists has come from Congressman Mike Pence (R, IN):
"There's no humanitarian crisis. Ten thousand tons of food
and medical supplies are transferred into Gaza every week.
Remarkably, yesterday the president said it was time for
Israel to sharply limit its effective blockade in Gaza, saying,
'the situation in Gaza is unsustainable.' The truth is, Mr.
President, your policy in Israel is unsustainable. The
American people are on the side of Israel, and Israel's right
to defend herself. Mr. President, whose side are you on?"
(What Mr. Pence did not mention is that the CIA has released
figures showing that on a per capita basis the people in Gaza
receive 7.5 times more US aid than the people in Haiti which
was almost totally destroyed. It works out to $579.95 per person
in Gaza vs. $77.47 per person in Haiti.)

We still don't know who the nation's next Christian leader or the
nation's next political leader will be -- but two years ago we here
at ANC suggested that Conservatives keep their eyes on Mike Pence.
To date we have seen no reason to change that suggestion.

What would George Washington say about today's trends?
Here is what he said more than 200 years ago: "No country upon
earth ever had it more in its power to attain these blessings than
United America. Wondrously strange, then, and much to be
regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and
to depart from the road which Providence has pointed us to so
plainly. I cannot believe it will ever come to pass." -- George
Washington, June 29, 1788

Each week we always include "What Others Are Saying."
The reason is that you won't find these expression of opinion by
knowledgeable people very often in the elite, main line media --
press or TV.

Brandon Stewart (Heritage Foundation): "The idea that the
Constitution is somehow dated and less relevant today is
outrageous. The simple, noble principles enshrined in the
Constitution have never been more relevant than they are
today." (Unfortunately, that is not the prevailing opinion among
many of the government leaders in Washington.)

Alan Caruba (CanadaFreePress.com): "Privately I have
been telling friends that Barack Obama has made it nearly
impossible for any black American politician to become
president for at least the next two generations, maybe more.
He has sealed their fate."

Robert Klein Engler (ChronWatch.com): "The fact that
Marxism is a dangerous illusion does not matter to true
believers, those who believe in theory and want to impose
that theory on reality. From their point of view, Obama is
wise because he speaks theory well."

Dr. Laurie Roth (Columnist and Broadcast Commentator):
"Obamacare is just the beginning of a total takeover of
America. America must not and will not be like the seduced
German people in 1933. We will not stand by and watch
Obama... shredding our constitution, bill of rights and
freedom as Hitler did with his country. Tyrants and dictators
are predictably similar in how they take over. They ride in as
the savior of change and hope. They offer health care, jobs
for all ... and protection from danger and harm; that is danger
and harm they usually create to blame on enemies."

Gary DeMar (in Vision to America): "While the U.S. economy
crumbles and the world teeters toward war, the President busies
himself with words and speeches (not to mention photo ops and
vacations and parties). Appalling, yes. Surprising, no. ... Today's
leaders of the Democratic Party are not at all progressive ...
Their vision is that people they consider the 'ignorant many'
should be governed by people who see themselves as the
'enlightened few.'"
On this last thought, see our "Founding Fathers"
quotes at the end of this issue.

A few Random Afterthoughts . . .

Those Founding Fathers always had an appropriate word: After
Mr. Obama's crudity when he said that he employed all those brains
to tell him whose "a**" to kick, we are reminded of this comment by
John Adams, our second president, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson in
1826: "Public affairs go on pretty much as usual: perpetual
chicanery and rather more personal abuse than there used to be
... Our American Chivalry is the worst in the world. It has no
Laws, no bounds, no definitions. It seems to be all a Caprice."
He could have been speaking of Washington today.

An Insightful indication of one item on the Obama agenda.
Christopher Senyonjo was once a bishop in the Anglican Church of
Uganda, but as an active homosexual, was removed from the clergy.
However, he still refers to himself as an Anglican bishop. During his
current six week speaking tour of the United States, he has been
hosted by Bishop Vicki Gene Robinson, the first openly homosexual
bishop in the Anglican Communion. In Washington they were
scheduled to meet at the White House with foreign policy officials of
the Obama administration. The meeting on June 8 opened with some
remarks from Michael Posner, the US Assistant Secretary of State
for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Posner said he was there
to "lend the support of the US government to this very important
subject." (As citizens of the United States, this is your government
supporting this "important subject.") Posner also said, "LGBT rights
are human rights and we are working on a daily basis to promote
them ..." Bishop Robinson added an interesting but incomprehensible
comment: "Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were as many
sexualities as there are human beings?" It is always encouraging
to know what your government in Washington is doing.

Not the usual "One Liners," but interesting brief thoughts . . .

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to Israel
as "a festering boil in the Middle East that spreads hate and
enmity. dynamites regional peace and spreads instability."

Robert Knight, writing in Perspectives, said: "What we are
witnessing among the intelligentsia is a catastrophic case of
groupthink; because they all repeat the same thing, it must
be true."

Dr. Laurie Roth, whom we have quoted earlier: "Where do I
begin? So much slaughter ... so little time. Obama has
betrayed our allies and greatly diminished our national
security over the course of less than two years."

Some wise words for today, from our Founding Fathers:

"And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we
have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds
of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they
are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for
my country when I reflect that God is just: that His justice
cannot sleep forever." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1781

"A popular Government, without popular information, or the
means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy,
or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. And
a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm
themselves with the power which knowledge gives."
-- James Madison, 1822

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the
society but the people themselves; and if we think them not
enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome
discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform
their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of
abuses of constitutional power." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1820

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