Out of the messages from readers of last week's issue, this question
seemed very relevant:
" You keep saying that as Christians our
main responsibility is to pray. What specifically should we pray
It is true that our comments may have appeared to be
" Republican vs Democrat," (political issues), or " Obama vs
Americans," (national problems) -- but it has always been our intent
to keep in focus the fact that the ultimate conflict in American life
today is " Christian vs anti-Christian" (moral values). So let's review
a few issues before us right now as appropriate subjects for prayer.
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This is all very timely news . . . but in the few elections held on
Tuesday there were very few surprises. Probably most important
was the defeat of Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania as the
Democrat nominee in this Fall's election, with the result that the
Democrat nominee will be Joe Sestak. Pat Toomey won the
Republican nomination. In another Senatorial contest in Arkansas,
Senator Blanche Lincoln did not win 50% of the vote for the
Democrat nomination, and will have to face Bill Halter in a run-off
election on June 8. The Republican opponent will be John Boozman.
In Kentucky, Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul, won the
Republican nomination for Senator and will face Jack Conway in
November. In another race in Pennsylvania, Democrat Mark Critz
won the Congressional seat vacated by the death of John Murtha.
Overall, it was not a particularly encouraging night for President
Obama, who had strongly supported both Specter and Lincoln.

Let's move from "Political Issues" and "National Problems"
to consider the subject most important to Christians: "Moral Values."
Just two examples of cases in point are Abortion and Same Sex
Marriage, plus two other items much in current news: Obama's
Supreme Court nominee and Arizona's new immigration law. And
as a final subject to discuss, there are the ongoing attacks on the
Christian faith by the nation's atheistic minority.

Last week, the Pope spoke to 400,000 in Fatima, Portugal,
the village where in 1917 three shepherd children saw a vision of the
Virgin Mary, and he spoke of abortion and same sex marriage as
" some of today's most insidious and dangerous threats."
The Pope had Catholic Canon Law to support his statement --
Canon Law 915 explicitly states that those who persist in manifest
grave sin cannot be admitted to receive Holy Communion. While he
was still Cardinal Ratzinger, before he became Pope Benedict XVI,
he wrote a document titled " Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion"
in which he stated that a politician who promotes the killing of children
through abortion
"with obstinate persistence, still presents himself
to receive the Holy Eucharist, the minister of Holy Communion
must refuse to distribute it."
Subsequently there has seemed to be
some relaxing of that firm principle by the Pope. This commentary is
unqualified to interpret or judge Catholic doctrinal positions, but there
are knowledgeable critics who speak of this as being
" a good
example of how the present day Vatican worships at the altar of
public opinion."
It is apparent that not all American Catholic bishops
have complied with Canon Law 915 and Cardinal Ratzinger's clearly
stated directive. This has been described as
" the worst scandal in
America is in our nation's Capitol, where prominent child-killers

such as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden receive Holy Communion,
while they promote child killing."

Although the Catholic church has been most outspoken on this issue,
it is true that every Christian must oppose abortion, and particularly
the use of federal funding to provide abortion through health care
legislation. This is a matter for prayer by every American Christian
that continuing the present situation which has already accomplished
killing of more than 50 million babies since the US Supreme Court's
Roe v. Wade decision must be opposed and stopped.

And there are Liberal efforts to legalize same-sex marriage.
One of Barack Obama's campaign promises was to support the
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual (LGBT) agenda, and that
promise included the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act
(DOMA) which had been signed into law by Bill Clinton, and to
enact into law the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA)
-- both high on the list of must-do legislation by America's
homosexuals. To " change" the long held opinion of the American
people on the concept of same-sex marriage is not an easy task.
Already some 30 states have by solid majorities included in their
constitutions the traditional, Bible-based concept of marriage as
being between a man and a woman -- yet at the same time a few
states have joined the 5 or 6 European countries which permit
same sex marriage. The Catholic church has been outspoken in its
opposition to same sex marriage, as have been the American
Evangelicals -- although the American Episcopal Church, in its
huge Los Angeles diocese, has just last week installed an openly
lesbian bishop, Mary Douglas Glasspool, who will join Vicky
Gene Robinson as the other openly gay Episcopal bishop. His
election has caused a schism in the world Anglican Communion.

Among the spokespersons on this subject is the movie star and
former sex symbol, Raquel Welsh, who last week at age 70 made
this comment,
" I'm ashamed to admit that I myself have been
married four times, and yet I still feel that it is the cornerstone
of civilization, an essential institution that stabilizes society,
provides a sanctuary for children and saves us from anarchy."

Related to this ongoing problem, and the breakdown in the
traditional family are these shocking statistics just released by the
Pew Research Center, showing that since the findings in 1990,
the number of children born out of wedlock have increased by
13%, from 28% in 1990 to 41% in 2008.

This, too, is an important subject for prayer, that the continuing
efforts of the nation's homosexual minority will be thwarted, and
that the Christian concept of homosexuality as a sin, condemned
by God in His word, might once again prevail in America.

On the subject of judges in our government, our Founding
Fathers were very outspoken . . . it would be a good idea for us
to follow their leading:

" Judges should be always men of learning and experience
in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness,
coolness and attention. Their minds should not be distracted
with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon
any man or body of men."
-- John Adams, 1776

And they had strong opinions about the Judicial branch of
government, itself:

" The opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide
what laws are constitutional and what not ... would make
the Judiciary a despotic branch ... the germ of dissolution
of our federal government is the federal Judiciary."
-- Thomas Jefferson, 1804

Perhaps with those views from our Founding Fathers in mind,
these comments about Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan
for the Supreme Court by some knowledgeable observers of
the American legal scene seem very relevant: From David
Davenport (Hoover Institution Research Fellow),
" Does
anyone really think that a young school administrator, with
little courtroom experience and no judicial experience is
the best possible candidate for a lifetime appointment to the
US Supreme Court?"
Or from columnist Skip MacLure,
" Obama didn't pick her for her legal brilliance... He picked
her because she'll follow Obama's leftist agenda with the
dedication of a Zealot."
Or from Mathew Staver of Liberty
" Elena Kagan is one of the most dangerous
nominees President Obama could have selected for the
Supreme Court. Because she has no judicial experience
and has very little on public record to examine, she is a true
'stealth' candidate."
And finally, this from Judicial Analyst,
Bruce Hausknecht,
" There are glimpses into Kagan's legal
and constitutional views on several subjects near and dear
to pro-family groups, and those glimpses are frightening."

For the next few weeks the progress of this appointment will be
prominent in the news coming out of Washington. Already
headlines in the media have been sharply pro and con, and
subjected to responsive action by the Obama White House.
For example, CBS and the Washington Post used this headline:
" Obama nominates Lesbian Homosexual Elena Kagan to
Supreme C ourt."
That prompted complaints from the White
House, and CBS corrected the report, noting that it was
" odd
because her female partner is rather well known in Harvard
The Daily Caller, DC based news-site, points out that
Kagan's policy record reflects extremist sexual views in matters
of l aw. And there is this to be said: President Obama has
expressed his goal of nominating justices who were closely in
touch with most Americans. The actual facts make this
appointment a strange way of achieving that goal, because
more than half of Americans claim to be Protestant, and with
Kagan's confirmation, the Justices of the Supreme Court will
include 3 Jews and 6 Catholics -- and not one Protestant.
Further, less than a quarter of Americans are Catholic, and less
than 2% are Jewish.

In summary it may be said that Elena Kagan is indeed
dangerous for the Christian faith and would rule as a pro-
homosexual, anti-Christian activist. Here, as in the the instances
already cited, prayer is needed for guidance as the Senate
considers this nomination.

There is another major story: the Arizona immigration law.
We have commented on this law in previous issues, and nationally
the poll results remain the same. According to the Pew Research
Center poll, 73% approve of requiring people to produce
documents verifying their legal status, upon police request ... 67%
approve of police having the right to detain anyone who cannot
verify their legal status. Concerning the new Arizona law specifically,
59% say considering everything, they approve of the law. Verifying
those poll results, a McClatchy/Ipsos poll reported that 61% of
Americans (64% of registered voters) approved the new Arizona
law. And an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll reported virtually the
same results, that 64% of Americans approve of the Arizona law.

But against the strong national support for the Arizona law, the
Obama administration has indicated it might enter a lawsuit against
the law as being unconstitutional -- but in Congressional hearings
last week when Congressman Ted Poe (R, TX) asked Obama's
Attorney General Eric Holder if he had read the law, Hiolder
" I have not had a chance ... I've glanced at it. I have
not read it."
Poe pointed out that the law is only 10 pages long,
and offered Mr. Holder a copy. In a similar situation in a Senate
hearing, Senator John McCain asked Janet Napolitano, Obama's
Head of Homeland Security, if she had read the law and she
"I have not reviewed it in detail. I certainly know
of it,"
and continued to insist that it is a bad law. And another
Obama administration member, State Department spokesman
P.J. Crowley admitted that he had not read the law even as he
was defending diplomatic official Michael Posner for comparing
the law to Chinese rights violations.

Something to pray about here? Yes -- that some of these obviously
unqualified officials in the Obama administration might be replaced
with capable leaders who would serve America well.

And there is a continuing effort to remove God from any
relationship to our nation's life and culture. The ACLU has been
unrelenting in using the courts to remove memorial crosses from
sites honoring America's war dead. In one of their losses, on
April 28 the US Supreme Court ruled that the Mojave Cross,
which has stood atop Sunrise Rock in the Mojave Desert of
California since 1934, as a memorial to American military lost in
World War I, could remain. In legal action which began in 2001,
the ACLU of Southern California had argued that the presence
of the Christian symbol violated the First Amendment ban on an
establishment of religion. Then, just two weeks after the court
decision, during the night thieves cut through the steel and
concrete base of the cross and stole it. Liberty Institute,
representing veterans groups, has offered a $25,000 reward
for return of the cross.

But the atheists don't quit. Probably America's best known atheist,
Michael Newdow, who keeps losing his cases, has announced
that he will continue his fight to have the phrase
" So help me God,"
and prayers removed from presidential inaugurations. Newdow's
latest defeat was in the US Court of Appeals for the District of
Columbia, where the decision stated that neither the phrase or the
prayers co uld be considered as proselytizing. But Newdow is
petitioning for a rehearing, charging that
" the executive branch
of government will henceforth be able to trample on individual
rights with impunity."
And judging from his past actions, he
probably will do so.

And that brings back to mind the major news story of a couple of
weeks ago when Franklin Graham became a member of the
"Disinvited Club" when the Army canceled his scheduled
appearance at the Pentagon on the National Day of Prayer. Just
about everything which could be said about that anti-Christian
action, brought on by action of atheists, has been said, but now
Dr. Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
has brought the issue into sharp focus:
Clearly, for Christians the
most important issue here is the exclusivity of the gospel of
Jesus Christ..
. Evangelical Christians in the United States had
better see a big challenge staring us in the face... In reality,
every evangelical preacher and every individual Christian will
face this question — and probably sooner rather than later.
Franklin Graham will not be the last to be tested. Who will be
tested next?"

So the continued attacks on the Christian faith by atheists and other
anti-Christian activists is another subject for prayer.

There is increasing evidence of Americans utilizing prayer.

In Washington, DC, starting last Friday, and continuing through
Saturday, May 22, each day from 12:00 - 1:00 PM there will be
a prayer vigil outside the Vatican Embassy at 3339 Massachusetts
Avenue, NW, to pray for the Vatican to hold firm in its position on
abortion and same sex marriage.

We have previously spoken of the new crusade by Dr. Michael
Youssef, founding rector of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta,
one of the nation's mega-churches which is true to the Scriptures
-- a crusade to enlist 100,000 believers who will promise to pray
daily for America, from July 4 to Election Day, November 2. You
can enroll by using this site:

Good, appropriate "One Liners" are increasingly hard to find.
Maybe because everyone has so much to say about so many things.

" In the good old says, we taxed first and then spent. Today, we
spend first, then figure out how to tax."
-- J.B. Williams, Canada
Free Press

" We're already planning to peel out of Iraq and Afghanistan; the
jihadists have the dates marked on their calendars."
- Arthur Herman

" Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions."
-- Gilbert Keith Chesterton

One reason for offering each week "What Others Are Saying"
is because you won't find them in the main line media, Press or TV.

Steven Carr (Wooster 912 Project):
" George Washington's
Continental Army was at one point down to a total of 2,500
men. Yet
that small handful rose to the occasion and can be
credited with
establishing the freest nation the world has ever
seen... The odds against
us are staggering. We're the Americans
who must show up and fix this
mess. We've been asleep for so
long... Our country is being hijacked.
The cavalry ain't coming!"

Susan Dale (Conservative author): " Obama has proven that he
cannot govern; all that he is able to do is talk, and then only in
front of pre- programmed audiences guaranteed to be friendly to
him, and ably assisted by his teleprompters. He also goes to lots
of meetings, all either destructive or useless, and all costing the
American people yet another massive amount of money that we
do not have and do not want to spend it if we do have it. But
that is what community organizers do, don't you know?"

Pamela Geller (Writing in "Atlas Shrugged"):" Every time
there is a jihad attack (which is happening with increasing
frequency), they
[the "politically correct" Liberals] start wailing
about Muslim sensitivities, and lecturing us about imaginary
affronts and insults. What could be more insulting and
humiliating than a monster mosque in the shadow of the World
Trade Center buildings that were brought down by an Islamic
jihad attack?... The only Muslim center that should be built in
the shadow of the World Trade Center is one that is devoted
to expunging the Koran and all Islamic teachings of the
violent jihad they prescribe, as well as all the hateful texts and
incitement to violence."

Newt Gingrich: "' Control the border first' ought to be the
battle cry of every citizen who is tired of left-wing elites trying
to use charges of racism to blackmail us into accepting
perpetually unsecured borders and amnesty for millions... The
President, as Commander in Chief, has a constitutional
obligation to control the border."

Frank Miele (Journalist, Historian): " One of the most
worrisome social trends today is that many Americans no
longer claim ownership of the Constitution ... Apparently we
are supposed to be comfortable with the idea of letting
President Obama, Harry Reid and the judges they appoint
and confirm tell us what the Constitution means. This is a
scary thought."

And here are a few " Random Afterthoughts" . . .

Among our nation's major church denominations, even the
largest have problems. According to the just released Annual
Church Profile (ACP), from Lifeway Christian Resources of the
Southern Baptist Convention, the nation's largest Protestant
denomination experienced both gains and losses. On the plus side,
they reported a 2.2% increase in baptisms in 2009, a 0.36%
increase in the number of churches, and a 0.37% increase in
Sunday worship attendance. On the minus side there was a
0.42% loss in total membership and a 0.04 decrease in Sunday
School enrollment. The denomination still has 16.16 million
members in 45,010 churches.

Let us never forget Jerusalem . . . while the Israelis prepare
to celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem -- Yom Yerusalayim --
on June 7, the Obama administration seems to waver between
supporting Israel or, in a manner of speaking, "throwing Israel
under the bus," by trying to take control of Jerusalem from them
and turning it over to the PLO. Dr. James Hutchens, respected
Bible scholar, commented,
" How encouraging it would be if
the leaders of the nations would simply believe tat God would
never lie. What He has said are incontrovertible facts of future
history. Sadly, our leaders are Biblically illiterate.... What to
do? The prophet Amos has the only answer: ' Prepare to meet
your God.'"
(Amos 4:12)

And we cannot forget or ignore Iran . . . the Ayatollah Bagher
Kharrazi on Saturday said that the central aim of the political party
he leads, Hezbolla (Party of God), is to create an Islamic United
States, and said he envisions a Greater Iran which would stretch
from Afghanistan to Israel, and would bring about the destruction
of Israel. He linked the formation of the Islamic nation to the return
of the Mahdi, the "Hidden Imam." Meantime, Russia's foreign
minister, Sergei Lavrov, warned the United States against trying to
impose unilateral sanctions against Iran, while the Iranian president,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called the UN Seccurity Council's
resolutions worthless, and said Iran will not back down from
developing its nuclear program.

We ought never forget the views of our Founding Fathers:

" The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved
independence were the general principles of Christianity... I
will avow that I believed and now believe that those general
principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as
the existence and attributes of God."
-- John Adams, 1776

" Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time;
they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose
morality is so sublime and pure... are undermining the solid
foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of
free governments."
-- Charles Carroll, 1800

[Ran into this web bit. Note "The Yiddish are Coming!" Patsy]


What kind of wine has Mikey Weinstein been drinking?
As an anti-Christian Jewish supremacist and as the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, he's doing all he can to create an anti-Jewish backlash and help bring about the predicted endtime Holocaust of Jews that'll be worse than Hitler's.
Neither Falwell, Hagee nor any other Christian initiated this prediction. But Weinstein's ancient Hebrew prophets did.
In the 13th and 14th chapters of his Old Testament book, Zechariah predicted that after Israel's rebirth ALL nations will eventually be against Israel and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed!
Malachi revealed the reasons: "Judah hath dealt treacherously" and "the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this."
Haven't evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the hate-filled back-stabbing by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher etc.) against followers of Jesus such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.
Weinstein wouldn't dare assert that citizens on government property don't have freedom of speech or press freedom or freedom to assemble or to petition the government.
But God-hater Weinstein maliciously wants to eliminate from government property the "free exercise" of religion - especially by evangelicals - a freedom found in the same First Amendment. Significantly, this freedom was purposely listed FIRST by America's founders!
And Weinstein wouldn't try to foist "separation of church and state" on strongly-Jewish Israel, but he does try to foist this non-Constitution-mentioned phrase on strongly-Christian America.
In light of Weinstein's Jewish protectionism and violently anti-Christian obsession, Christians in these endtimes should be reminded of Jesus' warning in Mark 13:9 (see also Luke 21:12) that "in the synagogues ye shall be beaten."
Maybe it's time for some modern Paul Reveres to saddle up and shout "The Yiddish are Coming!"

PS - Some, like Weinstein, are so treacherously anti-Christian they will even join hands at times with enemies, including Muslims, in order to silence evangelicals. It was Weinstein, BTW, who put pressure on the Pentagon to dis-invite Franklin Graham from speaking there on the National Day of Prayer!
PPS - Weinstein is an echo of the anti-Christian, anti-American Hollywood which for a century has dangled every known vice before young people. We seriously wonder how soon the lethal worldwide "flood of filth" (global harming!) that Hollywood has created will engulf and destroy itself and help to bring to power the endtime Antichrist (a.k.a. the Man of Sin and the Wicked One)!
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