That's not
just our opinion . . . it was expressed very clearly this week by two
Internet writers and commentators. It isn't that we didn't already know
this and believe it to be true -- but it's nice to know that someone else
supports our views . . . this encourages us in what we are trying to do.
First, there is this comment from Caroline Glick, of the Jerusalem Post:
"At a time when the US media – the traditional watchdogs of
democracy -- have transformed themselves into
Barack Obama’s lapdogs, the new media, on the
Internet plays a crucial role in bringing accurate news to the
public’s attention.
" And then Pamela Geller, author of "Atlas Shrugs,"
offers this evaluation,
New Jersey court has ruled that bloggers
are not journalists ... and so do not enjoy the same protections
that journalists do from being forced to reveal their sources.
Actually, this tool of a judge is right. For the most part, journalists
today act as shills for the Democrat party. They cover up for the
party’s crimes and excesses, obfuscate the effects of its disastrous
policies, and propagandize for Obama’s agenda. In
that sense,
bloggers are not journalists. The best bloggers aren’t shilling for
Obama and Pelosi the way journalists are. Instead, bloggers are
doing the heavy lifting."
We here at ANC are pleased not to be
numbered with current day, main line journalists. We will continue to
report and comment on current happenings from a Conservative
Evangelical Christian perspective just as we always have. You can
depend on that -- it is our pledge to you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Despite all the handicaps and opposition,
the National Day of Prayer
as required by federal law, will be observed tomorrow, and all across
America Christians will be united in prayer to thank God for His many
blessings, and ask Him to guide our nation and its leadership into the paths
our Founding Fathers laid out for us. It is expected that President Obama
will issue a Day of Prayer proclamation -- it is not his choice -- he is
required by law to do so. The ruling by the Wisconsin federal district
judge that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional will be appealed,
and it is expected that the decision will be overturned. Whether there will
be any relaxing of the military's anti-Christian position, and whether the
"disinvited" club will continue to grow, is still an open question. At the
moment, the three charter members are Tony Perkins, Michael Youssef
and Franklin Graham -- all strong Christian Evangelicals who had been
invited and then disinvited to offer prayer at a military event.

The "Military Religious Freedom Foundation" isn't through yet.
The MRFF, based in Albuquerque, NM, and headed by a Mikey Weinstein,
is the group that last week persuaded the Army to rescind its invitation for
Franklin Graham to participate in a National Day of Prayer observance in the
Pentagon. Now the MRFF has asked the Army to change the emblem and
motto of the Evans Army Community Hospital in Fort Carson, CO. The
motto-- adopted in 1969 -- reads "Pro Deo et Humanitate" ("For God and
Humanity"), and the design includes a cross. Weinstein claims the emblem
and motto violate the unwritten constitutional requirement for separation
of church and state. [At least he's right on one point; it definitely is
unwritten in the Constitution.] The Army spokesman
said the usual: the complaint would be reviewed. As
the old radio newscasters used to say: "Stay tuned."

And then there is this item in the news: Rep. Jack Kingston (R, GA) has
asked the House Armed Services committee to hold hearings on what he
"a growing movement in the military to censor some Biblical
And Rep. Trent Franks (R, AZ), is asking others in Congress
to join him in asking Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to explain what
standards were used to deny to Christians the right to speak at military
events. Franks called the action in disinviting Franklin Graham,
outrageous affront to the ideals of freedom of religion and expression
that are the essence of America."
and adds that there is an effort to
"stifle religious freedom in the name of tolerance." Rather than
bothering Secretary Gates, wouldn't it be simpler to ask the Commander
in Chief of our military?

If you have been a regular reader of ANC, you have noticed that we
regularly offer quotes from our Founding Fathers, the men who wrote the
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and who established this
nation as a bastion of liberty and freedom, unique in all the world of nations.
That was over 200 years ago, and those documents still stand, but the
principles set forth in them are being eroded by present day liberalism, and
the new anti-moral virus: "Political Correctness."

But we still hold forth the wisdom of those Founding Fathers, and begin
with a statement from the first United States President, George Washington,
in 1783, but still remarkably applicable to the illegal alien problem in

"The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and
respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations
and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our
rights and privileges,
if by decency and propriety of conduct they
appear to merit the enjoyment."
A few years later, in 1801, Thomas
Jefferson expressed the same conviction:
"Born in other countries, yet
believing you could be happy in this, our laws acknowledge, as they
should, your right to join us in society,
conforming, as I doubt not you
will do, to our established
Those highlighted phrases, "decency
and propriety of conduct,"
and "conforming to our established rules,"
are the elements which are missing in the unregulated influx of illegal
aliens into Arizona and the other states bordering on Mexico. Murders,
kidnappings, drug and human smuggling are among the problems the
controversial Arizona law is attempting to address. The need for estab-
lishing such standards goes back more than 200 years to the time when
Washington and Jefferson founded this nation. After two centuries we
can still learn much from those Founding Fathers.

And this one additional note, as the debate over the Arizona law continues:
Gary Bauer reminded us this past week:
"Many on the Left are charging
that the law will create a Nazi-like atmosphere with Arizona cops
knocking down doors and demanding to 'see your papers.' ... Current
federal law already requires that legal immigrants carry proof of their
immigration status 'at all times.' Here's what the law says: 'Every alien,
eighteen years of age and over, shall at all times carry with him and
have in his personal possession any certificate of alien registration or
alien registration receipt card issued to him ... Any alien who fails to
comply with the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor ...'"
It seems logical that instead of Mr. Obama trying to find
ways to have the Arizona law deemed to be unconstitutional, he must first
have to cause the existing federal law (which he has chosen not to enforce)
also deemed to be unconstitutional.

Nationally syndicated columnists and authors, Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
summarized it well:
"Obama, the media, liberal elites -- and even some
Republicans -- have rushed to decry Arizona's immigration enforcement
law with shocking hyperbole. This bill is constitutional and it addresses
a pressing issue at the state level because the federal government has
shirked responsibility for years ... If the critics had read the law, they
would know that it primarily focuses on enforcing existing federal law
at the state level."

An aspect of Mexico we don't often hear about, by New York Post
columnist, Ralph Peters:
"South of the border, down Mexico way, a new
and savage revolution rages just beyond our inspection lanes. After
less than five years of fighting, estimates of the dead have reached
22,000. The rate of killing accelerates each month. And Washington
covers its eyes like a kid at a scary movie. Well, the Mexican narco-
insurgency, in which well-armed guerrilla forces confront the
authority and presence of the state is our No. 1 security challenge."

Maybe we asked too much of Barack Obama -- After all, the only
prior experience he had was as a "community organizer" under the Chicago
Democrat party machine, and part of a term as US Senator. Then suddenly
the awesome responsibilities of the US presidency were thrust upon him.

During his first 16 months in office he has tried to change (that was his big
word: "change") American policy, and he has had some success in remaking
America into his concept. He forced through the now proven failed
"stimulus" package in 2009, and the much-disputed "Obamacare" health
care reform bill earlier this year. (Already 21 states have filed lawsuits
challenging the law's constitutionality, and legislation has been, or soon
will be introduced in at least 41 states banning certain key elements of the
new law.) In neither case did he seem to pay any attention to the actual
content of the bills. Free and open discussion and debate -- the "trans-
parency" he and Nancy Pelosi had promised -- never occurred. Now he
seems to be planning to jam through other legislation (while he still has
a Democrat majority in the Congress) not for reasons of national policy,
but purely for political reasons. And he knows the language for such
political procedure. He accuses Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc-
Connell as being in bed with Wall Street "movers and shakers," and
of fronting "cynical and deceptive" actions in their behalf. House
Minority Leader John Boehner he describes as a health care
"Chicken Little." Sarah Palin is to be ignored on armament issues
because she is "not an expert on nuclear issues." (The implication
is that he is.)

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh he rates as a
"troublesome" twosome
"vitriol." And the unprecedented digs and insults directed at
George W. Bush by virtually everyone in the Obama administration and the
Democrat Congress have reached a new low never even closely attained
by other US presidents. But incredibly, this past weekend while speaking
at the University of Michigan graduation ceremony he said that partisan
rants and name calling pose a serious danger to America's democracy.
Recently Wall Street Journal editorial writer William McGurn labeled him
"The Post-Gracious President." Maybe we did expect too much of him.

In the news again: Al Gore and the "Global Warming" hoax.
lost in all the newspaper headlines and TV news programs focused on the
Pentagon disinviting Christians for religious events, and the Arizona law to
cope with illegal (unlawful) aliens, plus the environmental disaster in the
Gulf, was Mr. Gore's appearance recently at the annual meeting of the
Council of Foundations in Denver. He told the nation's leaders in phil-
anthropic giving, "Time's running out [on climate change]. We have to
get our act together." The nation's foundations do play an important role
in the climate change scam. It has been pointed out that the Joyce Found-
ation (with Barack Obama as a Board member) provided the funds to start
the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). CCX describes itself as "North
America's only cap-and-trade system for all six greenhouse gases with
global affiliates and projects worldwide."

In other words, CCX provides the mechanism for trading the pollution
permits and carbon offsets which the administration's cap-and-trade
act -- if enacted -- would impose. Richard Sandor, the founder of CCX,
estimates that such climate trading could be, in his words,
"a $10 trillion
dollar market."

Former California TV meteorologist Brian Sussman did not miss this
background, and in his new book,
"Climategate," says Al Gore's "go green"
mission has nothing to do with Global Warming, but has everything to do
with another kind of green -- money. Sussman says of Gore that "he stands
to make billions ... or maybe a trillion dollars is what these guys can make
together off of this."
It is Sussman's opinion that Gore and others in the
Global Warming movement are trying to pull off one of the greatest scams
of all time.

And you may have missed this gem: on a recent "Good Morning America"
TV show, ABC journalist Sam Donaldson touted Mr. Gore for the upcoming
Supreme Court appointment, saying,
"He's 62, but he's still a few years. I
think he's confirmable, although there would be a fight to some extent.
I think he might make a very good justice."

An interesting story concerning "Love" that we noted this week:
This is the news story that we read:
The Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy
Project is proud to collaborate with the Pontifical University of the
Holy Cross in hosting a major international conference in Rome
dedicated to the question, 'What is love?'"
The conference will bring
together philosophers, theologians, psychologists, artists, physicians and
scientists to discuss and attempt to understand von Hildebrand's book titled
"The Nature of Love." It is an impressive, almost overwhelming assemblage
of scholars in so many branches of thought -- but they could have saved a
lot of time, work and money by simply turning to the Bible. John -- who
through the years has been referred to as the "Beloved Disciple" -- expressed
these views which are totally relevant to the goal of the conference: "God is
love. In this was manifest the love of God toward us, because that God sent
His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. Herein
is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to
be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought
also to love one another."
(I John 4: 8-11) Beyond these words from the
Scriptures, what else do they need to know?

Sorry! Just these two "One Liners" this week . . .

"All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward." -- Ellen Glasgow

"If government could create jobs and raise children, socialism would have
-- Gerald Gilder

We receive many favorable comments on "What others are saying"
doubtless because you don't find comments like these in the main-line media.

Jack Cafferty (CNN): "President Obama called the Arizona immigration
law misguided. What's misguided, Mr. President, is the federal
government's ongoing refusal to enforce the laws that are already on the
books. Read the Arizona law. Parts of it are word-for-word the same as
the federal statutes which continue to be all but ignored."

Matt Barber (writing in Townhall.com): "With a potential bloodbath
looming in November, liberals are understandably desperate. They see it
all slipping away, and it shows. The grassroots groundswell of opposition
to Obama's neo-Marxist, secular, humanist agenda intensifies daily
despite the left's best efforts to silence dissent. According to the latest Pew
poll, America's trust in today's godless Obama-Pelosi-Reid federal
government is at an all time low of 22%, little more than a year after
Obama took office."

Cal Thomas: "America is the only developed nation that has a 2,000 mile
border with a developing nation, and the government's refusal to control
that border is why there are an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in

Binyamin Jolkovsky (Editor in Chief, Jewish World Review): "If
safeguarding international security is the chief aim of US President
Barack Obama's foreign policy,
then at some point he can be expected
to change course in the Middle East. For today, Obama faces the
wreckage of every aspect of his Middle East policies. And largely as a
consequence of his policies, the region moves ever closer to war."

Larry Elder: "ODSD is Pandemic ... Obama Double Standard Disease:
an affliction that causes the media to ignore, rationalize or trivialize
in order to defend, support and advance the tax-the-rich, spread-the-
wealth, expand-the government agenda of President Barack Obama
and his party."

Andrew McCarthy (National Review): "Barack Obama is a
revolutionary on a mission to cut America down to size. One size fits all,
to be precise. His post-sovereign America is a country no different from
any other: economically bankrupt, morally rudderless, with nothing
exceptional about it besides the heights from which it tumbles and the
remorselessness of its choice -- his choice -- to decline."

Barry Rubin (Director, Global Research in International Affairs):
"The real problem is the refusal of policymakers to recognize just how
bad things are and how negative has been the impact of their policy. It
is not too late to change course. But how can opinion makers explain
this to the administration when most of them don't see how much has
gone wrong. Waking up is the first step."

Oh, and did you notice, amidst all the liberal criticism -- Last week
Arizona Governor Brewer signed that immigration law which launched
national debate about it, all the way to the White House where Mr. Obama
issued his description of the law as
"misguided" and "irresponsible." That
may be his opinion, but in Arizona it has helped the Governor . . . a new
Rasmussen Poll report of likely voters in the state shows 56% now approve
of the way Brewer is performing as Governor -- that's a 16 point jump over
a similar survey just two weeks ago when only 40% voiced their approval.
(That is a higher job-approval rating than the American people give to Mr.
Obama.) And the figure that shows 70% of the people of Arizona favor the
new law remains constant.

A Few Random Afterthoughts . . .

This is no time to stop issuing a reminder about the next national election
day on Nov. 2 -- now just 181 days away. This is the date when we can vote
to reclaim America to the founding principles upon which this nation was
established. But in order to vote, you must be registered. For a simple
registration procedure, click on this link:
Register to vote.

Janet Napolitano is still suffering from "foot in mouth" ailment: last
week in testimony before a Senate panel she said that she knew the US-
Mexico border
"as well as anyone" and added this gem: "I will tell you
that it is as secure now as it has ever been."
(That is almost worthy of
being a Joe Biden comment!) Apparently she hasn't been to Arizona since
being elevated to the head of Homeland Security. (Just that thought is

She was obviously not aware of these facts just released by the National
Drug Intelligence Center, a division of the Obama Justice Department,
that on average every day three Border Patrol Agents are assaulted at
or near that border. Or that every 35 hours there is a kidnapping in
Phoenix, usually by agents of alien smuggling organizations. And that
1-in-5 American teenagers use some type of illegal drugs smuggled
across the unsecured US-Mexico border. And that illegal aliens (or
whatever she chooses to call them) still enter America from Mexico
by the thousands every year. Yes, Janet, it's as secure as it has ever
been, whatever that means.

A word about the still not-forgotten Jimmy Carter. Lebanon-born,
terrorism expert, Dr. Walid Phares, reminds us that Jimmy Carter is still
on the loose in international affairs: "Former US President Jimmy Carter
is often lauded by the Arab world for championing the Palestinian cause.
However, after stumbling into the world of Sudanese politics, Carter has
lost all credibility. Inexplicably, Carter gave his blessing (with perfunctory
caveats) to a rigged election that has handed victory to a genocidal war
criminal who granted safe haven to Osama bin Laden in 1990." (To say
nothing of Presidental-Bashir's ethnic cleansing of Christians living in the Sudan.)

In continuing our references to statements from our Founding Fathers,
we often focus on their views of the importance and meaning of the
Constitution they had created for this new nation:

"In the formation of our constitution the wisdom of all ages is collected --
the legislators of antiquity are consulted, as well as the opinions and
interests of the millions who are concerned. In short, it is an empire of
-- Noah Webster, 1787

"The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered by me
[as President] according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated
by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time
of its adoption -- a meaning to be found in the explanations of those who
advocated, not those who opposed it, and who opposed it merely lest the
construction should be applied which they denounced as possible."
-- Thomas Jefferson, 1801

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