It has been obvious -- we have certainly mentioned it
frequently -- that we have been having serious computer
problems. And since this newsletter is absolutely and
totally free, there is no income to use for replacement
of our defective equipment. Then one of our friends and
advisors who didn't want to see ANC cancelled brought
this need to some of our readers, and a few responded
by sending in contributions which will come close to
making possible some new computer equipment so we
can continue doing the the publishing work ANC entails.
The situation is looking much better, and we look for a
complete and permanent solution soon. We are now
deciding how best to move forward on this project. It
becomes increasingly evident that there is a distinct need
for ANC -- one of our readers, a strong and active
Christian leader, this week spoke of ANC as being an
an "inspired and infallible newsletter." It is our prayer
that God will help us to maintain truth in that evaluation.

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Yogi's sayings -- like "It ain't over till it's over," or "I knew
the record would stand until it was broken," or "Ninety
percent of all mental errors are in your head" -- are
probably best characterized as "malapropisms" and are
definitely not to be classed as "oxymorons."

But probably the best, and certainly the most applicable
to our national situation is "It's like deja vu all over again."
We can all remember -- and doubtless most of us have
done so recently -- the similarity between what President
Obama is facing at the end of his first year in office, and
what Bill Clinton experienced at the same time in his first
term. It's truly "deja vu all over again."

In the mid-term elections of 1994, after Clinton had been
in office for one year, the Democrat controlled Congress
suffered a sweeping loss, highlighted by Christine Todd
Whitman becoming Governor of NJ and Kay Bailey
Hutchison elected as Senator in Texas. In all, Republicans
gained 54 seats in the House and 8 in the Senate, taking
control of both houses for the first time since 1952.

This year's mid-term election day is still 279 days away,
built already the evidence of an oncoming change in the
political scene in America is becoming evident. In three
important and significant elections, the Democrats, the
Liberals, have lost: Obama campaigned for Jon Corrine
for Governor in NJ, and lost; he campaigned for Craig
Deeds for Governor in VA, and lost, and he campaigned
for Martha Oakley in Massachusetts to replace the late
Ted Kennedy in the Senate, and he lost. The leadership
"coat tails" that Bill Clinton proved not to have in 1994
also seem to be non-existent for Barack Obama in 2010.

Those are domestic national issues. In some international
efforts, Obama has proved equally ineffective; he failed in
Copenhagen in attempting to bring the Olympic games to
America, and also in Copenhagen he failed to win over
international support for his climate change theory. And
his attempts to bring Christian America in alignment with
his favored Muslim world have also failed -- the attacks
on America by Islamic terrorists continue unabated, and
the Obama administration response is to grant those Islamic
terrorists the advantages of American citizens by holding
their trials in federal courts.

Tonight the president will deliver the State of the Union
address. We shall have to wait to see if his losses and
defeats to date will be mentioned . . . or if the national
unemployment rate of over 10% will be explained . . .
or how it is a wise and prudent decision to continue to
increase the national debt well into trillion dollar levels . . .
or why it is in the nation's interests to pursue his health
reform proposals when the majority of the American
people have clearly indicated they do not like it or want
it . . . leading to the question: why the Democrat Congress
and the Obama administration completely ignore what the
American people (who elected them to office) want?

At the time of this State of the Union address, President
Obama's approval rating, according to CBS, has fallen
to 46 percent -- and his disapproval rating is the highest
ever recorded by Gallup polls at the beginning of an
elected president's second year. His current numbers are
down from a high of nearly 70 percent as recently as in
April of 2009. A year ago, he was leader of an apparent
liberal majority reign. A year ago, conservatism was dead.
A year ago, Obama was the most charismatic politician
on earth. Today doubts about the man and his message
of "change"are growing and are affecting the way the
American people vote in current day elections.

On Election Day, Nov. 2, 2010, we Christians have
enough voting power to reclaim this nation for God, and
refute Obama's claim that America is not a Christian
nation. With a new Congress we can stop the growth
of the anti-family, same-sex "marriage" effort . . . we can
slow the increase in the number of, and stop the federal
funding of, abortions . . . we can prevent the destruction
of American industry through Obama's cap and trade
legislation . . . we can slow the increase in our national
debt through his massive handouts . . . we can stop the
efforts to limit freedom of speech from American church

From time to time we will offer some specific thoughts
about action on Nov. 2. For example, in Massachusetts
our kind of people replaced the liberal candidate for the
Senate seat long held by Ted Kennedy with Conservative
Scott Brown. We urge our friends in California to consider
replacing Barbara Boxer in her re-election bid for the Senate,
and our friends in Indiana to support the potential Senate
campaign of strong Conservative Representative Mike
Pence to replace Evan Bayh. The point is: we Christians
can bring about real change -- change for the better.

As the Haiti disaster remains in the news: this could
be -- and yet may be -- Obama's Katrina. The "official"
government response has been faltering and disorganized,
upstaged by the response of scores of the world's
Christian churches and Christian aid agencies. Meanwhile,
little publicized has been the first international responder
to the Haiti disaster -- Israel. Probably the smallest nation
involved, and located over 6,000 miles away, Israel got to
Haiti first with nearly 200 medical professionals and at the
time the only fully functioning hospital. Haitians are still
reportedly lining up for the Israeli hospital because word
is being spread that “the best care available is from the
IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).”

Meantime, questions are being raised as to why God would
allow evil to overcome in such a disaster, and one former
nominal Christian TV personality blamed the earthquake on
a historical account of a pact some Haitians made with the
devil. Among the more reasoned responses is that of
Christopher Wright, associated with the John Stott
Ministries, in his book "The God I Don't Understand":
"When the reign of God extends over every corner of
the universe, when the earth is filled with the knowledge
of God as the waters cover the sea, when the kingdoms
of this world have become the kingdoms of our God
and of his Christ, when heaven and earth are renewed
and united under the righteous rule of Christ, when the
dwelling place of God is again with humanity, when
the city of God is the center of all redeemed reality --
then we will have been delivered from all evil forever.
The cross and resurrection of Christ accomplished it in
history and guarantee it for all eternity."

Our Christian worldview of the tragedy of disasters like
that in Haiti, has also to include the triumph of Jesus'
sacrificial death and resurrection. Despite current problems
which we may face, we are never left without hope.

As always, a few "One Liners" to brighten the day.

“Why would you hand the keys to the car back to the
same guys whose policies drove the economy into the
ditch and then walked away from the scene of the
accident?” (Chris Van Hollen, Chairman Democrat
Congressional Campaign Committee commenting on the
recent Massachusetts election.)

President Obama's first year in office represents a
"downward trajectory from divinity to mortality."
(Charles Krauthammer)

"Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and
when to reap, we should soon want bread."
(Thomas Jefferson)

"This was 'Teddy Kennedy's seat.' And it was in
Massachusetts. Now, no Democrat is safe. But the country
just got a lot safer." (Ann Coulter)

"He declined to participate--perhaps because he's too
busy trying to vindicate himself after a miserable first year."
(Tony Perkins on Mr. Obama being called for jury duty)

Others are saying -- a few comments noted this week:

Dick Morris: "Mitt Romney passed a bill when he was
governor that is very similar to the Obama legislation,
and Massachusetts is suffering under it. The average
waiting time to see a doctor in Boston is now 63 days.
In Miami it's six days, for example. So people are
beginning to see the impact of these health changes,
and that's redoubling their opposition to it."

Victor Davis Hanson: "The American people are losing
confidence in Team Obama because quite simply they
are tiring of being lied to, and treated like children in
need of Ivy-League Platonic guardians."

Michael Barone: "Obama was supposed to be a great
persuader. It turns out that's only half true. He did
persuade most of us that he should be president. But
in Year One, he has failed to persuade most of us to
support his major proposals. He's even moved us in
the other direction."

Michelle Malkin: "By early afternoon on Tuesday, several
hours before the polls closed on the special Senate
election in Massachusetts, the Democrats had already
thrown in the towel and started throwing punches. At
each other."

Frank Salvato: "Examples of intellectual malfeasance
exist on both sides of the aisle but it is dramatically
more prevalent on the political Left and since the
Progressives have hijacked the Democrat Party it has
gotten worse. There doesn't seem to be a day that goes
by where news comes out of Washington DC that is
literally unbelievable..."

Some random afterthoughts . . .

Looking back to the Obama inauguration, just a week
more than a year ago, one of the memorable lines in his
speech was: "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up,
dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking
America." That wasn't an Obama original. It was from a
duet sung by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in a 1936
film, "Swing Time," which included these words:

"Nothing's impossible I have found/ For when my chin
is on the ground/ I pick myself up/ Dust myself off/ And
start all over again." If that thought was appropriate at
the time of his inauguration -- it is even moreso today in
light of his defeats and failures during his first year in office.
So look for a more aggressive Obama in the days just
ahead. With all political and media power on his side, he
doesn't take well to failing to succeed in his plans. During
his speech in Ohio last week, "fighting" was very much on
his mind as he said he "wont stop fighting to protect you
from ... some we've seen in the financial sector" . . . that
he "won't stop fighting to open up government" . . . and
that he "won't stop fighting to cut waste and abuse in
Washington." Those are all battles which we hope he will
start to fight.

Obama's first year by the numbers: 29 golf outings;
178 teleprompted speeches (52 on Obamacare); 5 formal
press conferences during the first 6 months (none since
July 22); 158 news interviews, 90 on TV, 11 on radio,
57 with the press; 46 out of town trips to 58 cities in 30
states; 10 foreign trips to 21 nations (more than any other
president); 160 trips on Air Force One, including taking
his family to London, Paris and Moscow. And despite
promising, "I will not rest until all Americans who want
work can find work," he did manage to squeeze in those
29 golf outings and date nights with his wife at upscale
bistros in New York and Paris.

The Algore "Global Warming" theory is dying, and
not slowly. As one report put it: "The crack-up of the
global warming fraud is picking up speed." In Nov.
2009, the Climate Research Unit of the University of East
Anglia was reported to have rigged, buried or destroyed
data which didn't agree with their political views. Now the
UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits an
error in the widely circulated prediction that the Himalayan
glaciers would melt by 2035 because of man-made global
warming. The IPCC has since withdrawn the report.

Our Founding Fathers often warned about the national
debt, and occasionally combined humor with their wisdom.

"The same prudence which in private life would forbid
our paying our own money for unexplained projects,
forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys."
--Thomas Jefferson, 1808

"I think we have more machinery of government than
is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of
the industrious." --Thomas Jefferson, 1824

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