It isn't much of a stretch of memory for any of
us to recall that in October, 2007, a group of
Islamic scholars sent a lengthy message to
Christians in various countries of the world, titled
"A Common Word Between Us and You." In
America, under the sponsorship of the ultra-
Liberal Yale Divinity School, a lengthy response
was sent to the Islamics, titled, "Loving God
and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response
to A Common Word Between Us and You."

Ultimately some 300 American Christian leaders
signed the Yale document, including several so-
called "Evangelicals." Some of those signatories
-- for example, the President of Wheaton College
-- later had the courage to admit their error, and
withdrew their names.

We have neither the time nor the space to
comment on either of those two documents in
detail. That exchange of thoughts can perhaps
best be described as a philosophical attempt to
merge oil and water. The Muslim Islamists got
in the first claims, and the American "Christians"
bought into their reasoning. For example, the
American response offered agreement in these
words, "It is no exaggeration to say as you have
in 'A Common Word Between Us and You" that
'the future of the world depends on peace
between Muslims and Christians.'"

The left-leaning "Christians" expressed a desire
to work together with the Islamists, at one point
going so far as to say, "If we fail to make every
effort to make peace and come together in
harmony, you correctly remind us that 'our
eternal souls' are at stake as well." You have to
wonder what kind of eternal salvation these
Liberal "Christians" believe in.

Even today, almost two years after the supposedly
significant exchange of exploratory documents
between Islamists and Christians, there are some
Christians -- even some calling themselves
"Evangelicals" -- who are urging cooperation and
joint efforts with Islamists. Yet those who claim
to be Evangelicals apparently have never read the
teachings of the Quran ... that Jesus was not the
Son of God ... that believing in the Trinity is a
grievous error ... that Jesus was just a messenger
and like other prophets who had come before ...
that He was not crucified, but another died in His
stead ... there was no need for a Savior because
men are sinless ... and more clearly, that Muslims
are commanded to kill infidels, the unbelievers,
and that Muslims must never take Jews or Christians
as friends, but rather are instructed to fight them
and to humiliate them.

We are all too familiar with ongoing current reports
from Pakistan, Nigeria, Laos and other Muslim
dominated areas where Christians are being killed
and abused, their churches burned, their pastors
beheaded and hacked to death by Muslims in the
name of Allah. Is this a religion of peace, and one
with which we as Christians can cooperate and
work together?

And yet, this fact must be faced, that Islam has
already grown to become a religion second in
size only to Christianity in the world. It is now
expanding far beyond the former Arab nations
into the Western world and across Europe --
even into Great Britain -- and in nation after
nation is making tremendous strides in introducing
and demanding acceptance of their laws, religious
beliefs and social customs. A similar growth,
although to date not at such a rapid pace, is
taking place in America.

A point of interest: in last week's issue we
noted the beginning of the month-long Muslim
observance of Ramadan, currently in progress.
It is interesting, and somewhat dismaying, that
President Obama prepared a 5 minute video of
greeting to the Muslim world on the observance
of Ramadan. For the recent National Day of
Prayer here in America, in which former
presidents have actively participated -- he
ignored it. Somewhere in that sort of response,
there is reason for serious concern on the part
of American Christians.

This week we're not commenting at length
on "Obamacare." Enough has already been
said and demonstrated by American voters to
prove that they don't want it ... seniors don't
want it ... doctors don't want it ... hospitals don't
want it... the Christian Church, Protestant or
Catholic doesn't want it. Like "Hillarycare"
which preceded it some 15 years ago, it is the
wrong answer to an existing problem. But the
ruling Obama administration, aided and abetted
by some members of the Pelosi-Reid controlled
Congress, does seem determined to force this
disastrous concept on the American people.

Writing in New Media Journal, Dr. Laurie Roth
noted: "It didn’t take but moments after Senator
Kennedy died that Pelosi and others started
talking about the resurrected health care bill
they plan to push. Now, magically, it will be
the Kennedy Health Care bill." And in similar
vein, A.J. DiCintio added, "Regarding the
current healthcare debate, it is inarguable that
to cover the entirety of The Bad and The Ugly
alone, one needs to write more pages than
those that make up the bill Obama et al have
been incubating in congressional backrooms ...
What to do, then, except to conscientiously
limit this piece, an endeavor that not only gives
emphasis to a few very important details but
also displays a keen sensitivity to politicians
so brutally overworked that they can’t find time
to read bills they insist are absolutely essential
for the nation’s well being."

And aside from the following news report on the
Obama controlled media, how could we add
anything to this ongoing debate on "Obamacare?"

"ABC & NBC have refused to run a national
ad critical of President Obama's health care
reform plan that features a doctor who warns
that a government-run health care system will
lead to rationing and harm Medicare."

Apparently some of our First Amendment rights
are being usurped by those in power -- something
we thought could never happen.

Among all the problems besetting this nation,
we have not commented at length on the
seriousness of the tremendous national debt the
Obama administration is incurring. Last week's
admission by the White House was frightening,
that the national debt will increase over the next
decade by $9 trillion to nearly $21 trillion, or some
$2 trillion more than their estimate of just six
months ago. The upcoming explosions in the
costs of Medicare and Social Security because
of the retirement of so many "baby boomers,"
plus the proposed reform of the health care
system and the forced shift to more costly
forms of energy will add multi-trillion dollars to
our nation's deficit. Just to deal with these
unheard-of deficits may help kill our nation's
economy. But the Obama administration
proposes more and more spending, with no
end in sight. The obvious fact is that for the
first time in our nation's history, in plain and
simple language, America is close to being broke.

A Founding Father's view of national debt:
"To say that the United States should be
answerable for twenty-five millions of dollars
without knowing whether the ways and means
can be provided, and without knowing whether
those who are to succeed us will think with us
on the subject, would be rash and unjustifiable.
Sir, in my opinion, it would be hazarding the
public faith in a manner contrary to every idea
of prudence." (James Madison, 1788) Obviously,
such sensible thinking has now been abandoned
-- and at what cost!

In each issue we have included a request for
prayer by American Christians for our nation,
and for our leaders, particularly that God would
give to President Obama wisdom in dealing with
the many responsibilities he faces, and that
America might remain in the eyes of the world of
nations, the example of a Christian nation it has
always been. As Christian believers, that is our
responsibility. Let us not fail in these difficult times.

A Founding Father's quote on character:
"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general
knowledge among the people, who have a right,
an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible,
divine right to that most dreaded and envied
kind of knowledge, I mean the character and
conduct of their rulers." - John Adams, 1816

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

A word of warning and encouragement.
It is one thing to point out problems arising from
actions of our government, and to complain
about them, but it is quite a different thing to
suggest a way to deal with and solve those
problems. We have often provided a Capitol
switchboard number through which you can
reach your Congress-people or Senators while
Congress is in session. But now they are on
recess, and are back in their home districts,
close to you. Before they return to Washington
to vote on important bills like Health Care
Reform, and repealing the Defense of Marriage
Act, and passing of a Freedom of Choice Act
to increase access to abortions -- take just a few
minutes to call them, while they are at home,
and express your views to them. That is your
right, and your privilege. By the way, out of
curiosity, how many of our readers have ever
made even one such call? We look forward to
receiving such a report from you.

As always, here are a few "one-liners" ...
"Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride
it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it,
but there it is." (Sir Winston Churchill)

"President Barack Obama has run into a brick
wall: the American people, who cherish their
liberty and revere their nation and do not want
it remade in Obama's socialist image."
(David Limbaugh)

"Let's face it: Making money in Obama's
America is about to get harder -- keeping it,
harder still." (Ann Coulter)

"People don't realize the extent to which
cronyism, corruption, 'business as usual' have
been brought from Chicago to the Potomac."
(Michelle Malkin.)

We don't charge any subscription fee, or
solicit contributions, or sell anything, like books,
T-shirts, baseball caps or coffee mugs. But
every now and then we see the announcement
of a new book that intrigues us. This week's title
is "Born to Lie: from the Birth Certificate
Health Care," by Dr. David Goetsch and Dr.
Archer Jones. The advertising slogan used to
promote the book was: "From the missing birth
certificate to health care, can America trust her
President to tell the truth?" Sounds like it might
be interesting Summer reading.

In case you're still wondering about Al
Gore's "Global Warming" crusade, John
Casey, the Director of the Space and Science
Research Center (SSRC) in Orlando, Florida,
has issued a new prediction of the next climate
change intended as a warning to the American
people and their leadership in Washington:“The
climate change predictions which I started to
pass out to our government and media in early
2007 based upon the ‘RC Theory’ have now
come to pass, exactly as forecast. Global
warming has ended, as predicted... The new
cold climate will usher in global travail that
will be amplified specifically because of the
catastrophic climate change policies of the
administration of President Barack Obama
that will leave most citizens unprepared.”

Director Casey added, “The most frequent
question I am asked is how soon will it get
cold and just how cold?... My most recent
calculations, just completed, indicate that
global temperatures approaching 100 year
cold weather records will begin to set in any
year now but certainly between 2012 and
2017." Mr. Gore is going to have to act quickly
to protect his theory from total oblivion.

An upcoming change in a national day of
remembrance. There have been in our national
history, some significant disasters of international
origin. In 1836, the heroic stand of the vastly
outnumbered American forces at the Alamo,
before ultimate defeat by Mexican General Santa
Ana, became a rallying cry for the young nation:
"Remember the Alamo." In 1941 the attack on
our naval base in Hawaii by the Japanese, became
another national rallying cry: "Remember Pearl
Harbor." On September 11, 2001 the Muslim
terrorist attack on our nation's East coast, killing
thousands and wreaking severe economic toll,
has been remembered simply as "9/11" and the
destroyed World Trade Center has become a
hallowed spot for this generation of patriotic
Americans. But all that is about to change. In
April of this year, President Obama, in what
appears to be calculated, cynical political attempt
to revise the meaning of "9/11," signed into law
a measure to erase the memory of the Muslim
terrorist attack, and henceforth consider
September 11 as a "National Day of Service,"
a leftist celebration instead of a day of
remembrance and national patriotism. A national
day of service may be an appropriate way to
celebrate 9/11, if it is service that strengthens our
liberty and freedom. But what appears to be
planned is to use the day to promote the concept
of "green jobs" and other projects on the agenda
of the president. This partisan political plan blurs
the importance of remembering what happened
in the Muslim terrorist attack on 9/11. Quite a far
cry from the campaign slogan of "Change you
can believe in."

A Founding Father's word on one basic
principle of this nation: "The highest glory of
the American Revolution was this; it connected
in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil
government with the principles of Christianity."
-- John Quincy Adams, 1821

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