In last week's issue we discussed the steady
downward trend in the ratings by the public of
President Obama's performance since taking
office. During the week just passed, that subject
has been much in the news, as one poll after
another confirmed that decline, using words
like "tumbling" and "plummeting."

More than one commentator is asking the same
question: "Is the Obama honeymoon over?"
And a quick survey of the various national polls
provides the same answer -- it is significant that
Obama's performance rating now places him at
10th out of the 12 post-war presidents. He has
slipped to a level below where George W. Bush
was at the same period in his presidency -- and
is 10 points below where Richard Nixon was after
one year in office. The Rasmussen Daily
Performance Rating Index remains in a negative
range around -9 to -11 -- the first time it has hit a
double-digit rating in negative territory.

On his overall performance rating, he has fallen
below 50% in most polls in July -- in the Zogby
poll only 48% approve his performance; in a
Fox News poll his approval rating dropped 8%
in July over June; a USA/Gallup poll on his
performance reached a new low in July, and a
WND Freedom Index showed a feeling on the
part of the American people that liberty has been
lost under Obama.

Looking to the future, a Rasmussen Poll shows
that 63% of American voters believe that the
nation is headed in the wrong direction -- only
31% feel we are headed in the right direction.
A Zogby poll on the same subject shows that
51% feel we are on the wrong track, with 41%
feeling we are going in the right direction. Thus
in the opinion of the American people, the
future doesn't look good under Barack Obama.

Perhaps most significant is a July Gallup
poll where Obama's leadership ability (not his
performance) is viewed favorably by 54%, but
in his dealing with the issues, 63% disapprove
with only 17% showing approval. However,
another rating scale involved his personal
characteristics -- which includes honesty --
and here there was a 24% negative vote with
only a 15% positive vote.

And that is where we, as Christians,
should be most concerned. This nation, which
was unquestionably created and intended by
our Founding Fathers to be a Christian nation,
is now being ruled by a president about whom
we know very little. For some reason he has
refused to disclose proof of where he was
born . . . his college and graduate school
records . . . his health reports . . . his records
pertaining to his religious beliefs; we know
he was brought up as a Muslim, but he has
offered no evidence, no baptismal records of
his conversion to the Christian faith, although
he spent more than 20 years in a church where
the minister proclaimed "God d--- America"
over "God bless America." We know that
he is half white and half black by heritage and
is half American, by heritage. In all of these
aspects of his background he stands absolutely
alone -- no president in American history has
been so secretive and has refused to disclose
such basic facts about himself.

And this is where we begin to notice that
there are serious concerns being expressed
by the American people. Think back, America:
when has our president ever been spoken of in
this way by reporters on the scene: "As I looked
at my notes about President Obama's press
conference on health care tonight, there was a
complete shock at the lies, evasive spin and lack
of facts in the answers the President foisted on
the American People." -- Sammy Benoit

Or when have you read an evaluation like this:
"In my 40 years here in Washington, D.C., I
have witnessed dozens of presidential news
conferences televised on primetime national
television... Not until last night, however,
had I ever seen a president lie and attempt
to deceive the American people regarding
health care as much as Barack Obama did."
-- Gary Bauer

"After a mere six months in office, the
American people are seeing the real Barack
Obama. The huckster who sold us a line of
socialist snake oil disguised as magic elixir
is starting to show his true colors. What we
witnessed at the president's press conference
is the community organizer who spent most
of his adult life sitting under the tutelage of
an America-hating bigot masquerading as
a Christian minister. Look for him to
continue 'acting stupidly.'" -- Doug Patton

"Although he was, by far, the least qualified,
the most inexperienced, and the most
intellectually flawed individual ever to seek
the presidency, his ability to read a speech
from a teleprompter with feigned conviction
and sincerity captivated the vast majority of
blacks and left-leaning whites."
-- Paul R. Hollrah, O.E..

"The president, in short, may be facing a real
loss. ... His news conference the other night
was bad. He was filibustery and spinny and
gave long and largely unfollowable answers
that seemed aimed at limiting the number of
questions asked and running out the clock.
You don't do that when you're fully confident.
Far more seriously, he didn't seem to be
telling the truth." -- Columnist Peggy Noonan

This is our president, referred to as the "leader
of the free world," being and openly accused
of telling lies, of ignoring the facts, of being
inexperienced and intellectually flawed, and
most important to us as Christians -- breaking
the more than 200 year history of American
presidents who professed the Christian faith.

His actions while in office have often been anti-
Christian in nature -- his open support of the
homosexual life style which is condemned by
God ... his advocacy of the killing of babies
through abortion ... his pledge to destroy the
traditional American family through repeal of
the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
None of these could represent the beliefs of a
Christian, and all of these relate to the broader
concern which is being so openly expressed
by the nation's news commentators.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Right now, before Congress takes off for
the August recess -- take a few minutes to
phone your Senators and Representative
and tell them to oppose the proposed health
plan. The phone number: (202) 224 - 3121,
And while they are back at home, call your
Representative at his/her local office. Let
them know how the people back at home
feel about some of these proposed bills.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And consider this poignant confession from
Lauri Ringer: "I voted for Obama! That's right,
Robert Ringer's strong-minded daughter (yes,
the social activist, best selling author) was swept
away by the waves of social convention and a
sea of 'change' rhetoric. Mortified, I've watched
as Obama and his machine have replaced my
ideals of liberty with their collectivist agenda.
To say the least, I, like millions of other naive
Americans, feel duped. Worse, I feel
embarrassed to the point that it's difficult to
look in the mirror." We wonder: how many
Christians who voted for Obama, like Lauri
feel embarrassed to look in the mirror? If you
are one, your prayer should be that God will
over-rule, and prevent Barack Hussein Obama
from destroying America as a Christian nation.

Two quotes from a Founding Father seem
to be appropriate for this time in America's life:
"There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so
contemptible; and he who permits himself to
tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a
second and a third time, till at length it becomes
habitual, he tells lies without attending to it,
and truths without the world's believing him."
-- Thomas Jefferson, 1785

"I think we have more machinery of government
than is necessary, too many parasites living on
the labor of the industrious."
--Thomas Jefferson, 1824

Not from a Founding Father, but from
a great American president who was always
proud of America, and who never denied his
Christian faith: "Let us, young and old, join
together, as did the First Continental
Congress, in the first step - humble, heartfelt
prayer. Let us do so for the Love of God and
His great goodness, in search of His guidance,
and the grace of repentance, in seeking His
blessings, His peace, and the resting of His
kind and holy hands on ourselves, our Nation,
our friends in the defense of freedom, and all
mankind, now and always." -- Ronald Reagan,
1988 National Day of Prayer Proclamation,
establishing by law the first Thursday in May
as the National Day of Prayer

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

It's difficult to stop citing 'one liners" --
they convey so much meaning in a few words.
Here are a few we came across this week:

"Facts have no place in the fantasy world
of Democratic policy-makers. Nor does history."
(Ann Coulter)

"It's truly amazing. How can some speak so
often and for so long, yet say so little. That is
the mystery of Barack Obama." (Bobby Eberle)

"The United States is declining as a nation and
a world power with mostly sighs and shrugs to
mark this seismic event." (Les Gelb)

"The 20th century may have been the American
Century. The 21st shows another pattern."
(Pat Buchanan)

"At least my God never forgets His word. That
is more than can be said of the Pseudomessiah
Barack Obama." (Internet- source unknown)

As you know, we don't sell books -- but often
an advertisement for a book makes some very
good sense. With that thought in mind we offer
an advertisement for your consideration -- it
makes a lot of sense: "One of the first things
Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and other totalitarians did
was rewrite the histories of their nations,
remaking the past to bolster their control of
the present. The American Left has done the
same thing in our country: Most American
history books -- both for students and adults --
are riddled with PC nonsense that makes the
Founding Fathers over into racist slaveholders,
the settlers of the West into genocidal land-
stealers, and the welfare state into America's
ultimate triumph." The book which is said to
refute this reasoning is "The politically Incorrect
Guideā„¢to American History," by a professor
of history, Thomas E. Woods.

"The Four Horsemen of the Obamalypse"
was an interesting headline to report the
confrontation Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
faces while White House strongmen visit him
during this week: White House Special Envoy
George Mitchell; Secretary of Defense Robert
Gates; National Security Advisor James Jones,
and White House Iranian Advisor Dennis Ross.
Their visit follows the demand by Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton that Israel "cool it" with
respect to attacking Iran, and stop any building
projects in Jerusalem. Someone should remind
the present occupants of the White House that
Israel is our long time ally -- our only ally in the
Middle East. Meantime, over the past weekend
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas referred
to Jerusalem as the "the key for peace" and said
that justice and peace would not come to the
Middle East without there being established, in
his words: "an independent Palestinian state
with Jerusalem as its capital." That might even
be the demand those "Four Horsemen" are
trying to force upon the Israeli Prime Minister.

Al Gore just can't seem to win! At anything.
Marc Morano ( reports that
all over the country temperatures have broken
new lows this "Summer," and blames it on the
trend of "global cooling" that has been evident
for more than seven years. Even Nashville, TN,
the home base for "Global Warming" creator,
Al Gore, recorded a new record low temperature
for the month of July, breaking the old record
which was set in 1877.

It is always difficult to anticipate Bill Clinton's
positions. As president he signed into law DOMA,
the Defense of Marriage Act -- the one Obama
has promised to repeal. Now this past week
Clinton came out in favor of same-sex "marriage."
He is not alone among Democrats in changing
his views on this issue -- in January, 2008 only
2 Democrat Senators backed same-sex marriage;
today that number has increased to 11. While
there might be some among them who endorse it,
to date no Republican Senators have voiced
support for it.

The Episcopal Church may have been hurt
by their decisions at their recent convention,
but according to Rev. Jay Johnson, an ordained
gay Episcopal priest, their actions "delivered
some good news to lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (LGBT) Episcopalians," Citing
the decision to keep ordinations open to all,
Johnson said, "This is good news indeed, but
not terribly surprising. After all, the Episcopal
Church has been ordaining openly lesbian
and gay people as deacons and priests in
many locales for many years." The fact that
the church will certainly suffer further decreases
in membership does not seem to mean much
to the supporters of a homosexual life style.

From our 22nd and 24th president - actually
the same man, with the two terms 4 years apart:

"Let us not trust to human effort alone, but
humbly acknowledge the power and goodness
of Almighty God who presides over the
destiny of nations, and who has at all times
been revealed in our country's history, let us
invoke His aid and His blessings upon our
labors..." -- Grover Cleveland, 1885

"All must admit that the reception of the
teachings of Christ results in the purest
patriotism, in the most scrupulous fidelity to
public trust, and in the best type of citizenship."
-- Grover Cleveland, 1889

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