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Here is a "mini-editorial" from the Internet this
week: "When will the American people wake
up and realize the office of the POTUS is not
a cultural iconic position and should not be
treated like a freaking celebrity? This is a
serious job meant for someone who takes it
seriously." (Infidelesto)

It is not enough that our apprentice president
has denied (before a Muslim audience) that
this is a Christian nation, and has ignored the
statistical facts (82% Christian, 11% non-
religious, leaving 7% for all other religions,
Jewish, Islamic, etc.) and declared that we are
one of the largest Islamic nations on earth. Or
when making one of his very frequent TV
speeches at Georgetown University (a Catholic
institution) demanding that a crucifix carving
over a doorway be covered during his speech.
(Perhaps an overlooked reminder: there are
more Catholics than Islamics in America.)

Nor enough that he bowed before a Muslim
king, and apologized to the world of nations
for America's "arrogance" in supporting other
countries in time of war.

Nor enough that he stands by his campaign
threat to encourage the use of abortions and
to repeal the federal law which establishes the
time-honored, God-given concept of marriage
being between a man and a woman.

Nor is it enough that he now threatens to enact
a nationalized health plan -- an action well and
concisely clarified by Doug Patton in these
few words: "American innovation fuels
progress in medicine across the globe.
Nowhere on the planet has collectivist health
care worked without rationing and medical
mediocrity. We cannot allow this left-wing
coalition of media and government to destroy
the greatest health care system in the world.
If we do, we may never get it back."

And it is not enough that his "tax and spend"
stimulus theory has already created far and
away the largest long term debt in this nation's
history, with no end yet in sight, but already
imposing a financial burden upon future
generations they may never be able to repay.

And if those few examples of the agenda
being followed by the Obama administration
are not enough to merit the words "failure" or
"disaster," there are the instances of behavior
which bring into focus the need for "someone
who takes the job seriously."

There are, for example, the very costly "date
nights" here in America, and even overseas
where the president and Mrs. Obama turned
down an invitation to dinner from the French
President of France, and instead went on
another costly "date night" (under intense
secret service care) in a Paris bistro. Or during
his appearance as a guest comic on a late night
TV show when he made an insensitive and
belittling remark about the Special Olympics
while doing a comic routine about his own
poor bowling scores.

Or his complete silence and no expressions
of concern about the murder of an American
soldier on duty at a military recruiting station --
but his haste on the next day to order federal
level involvement after the killing of a late-term
abortion provider.

Internationally, his gaffes are multiplying
as he insults the British Queen and British
Prime Minister by totally inappropriate gifts,
and also returns a gift of the British embassy
(a bust of Winston Churchill) as something he
didn't want around his White House. And his
cautiously mild comments on the savage
treatment of protestors in Iran, on the grounds
that he doesn't want to "meddle," and intends
to negotiate with the Iranian government -- but
Iran's Islamic rulers responded by demanding
punishment "without mercy" (even executions)
for the protestors, and the Iranian president
demands "repentance" from Obama for having
instigated the riots of protest.

As American Christians, what do we expect
of our president? In 1620, while still on board
the Mayflower, William Bradford, speaking for
the pilgrims described their voyage as being
"for the glory of God, and advancement of the
Christian faith." Throughout the founding
years of this nation, the expression of that faith
was never abandoned. Beginning with George
Washington's inauguration in 1789, and for the
220 years thereafter, every president of the
United States has been a Christian. Even
knowing as little as we do about Barack Obama,
Obama, we expected a Christian president. But
should have been warned. The inaugural oath
was somehow mixed up, and the next day in
the Map Room of the White House, the oath
was readministered -- but this time no Bible
was used. Soon he would ask that his Muslim
name, Hussein, which he had forbidden to be
used during the campaign, be prominently
featured. Before a Muslim audience he denied
that America was a Christian nation ... bragged
(inaccurately) that we were one of the largest
Muslim nations in the world. He then wet on
to apologize for America's arrogance in our
participating in wars where hundreds of
thousands of our military died to help protect
smaller nations from their oppressors. Instead
of showing "arrogance," or even pride to be
an American, he bowed humbly before the
Saudi king (an Islamic). In office as president
he has renewed his promise to increase access
to abortion procedures, and to repeal a federal
law which establishes marriage as in accord
with the traditional, God-given standard as
between a man and a woman.

But those aren't the behaviors which we had
expected from the president of the United
States. No president in history has ever so
rejected the Christian heritage of America.
No president in history has ever brought such
shame on this nation in the eyes of the world.
These are things which concern American
Christians at this point in our nation's history.

And our responsibility as American Christians?
To pray for God to give our president wisdom
and courage to do what is right, and not to take
us further down the road toward destruction of
this nation which was founded on, and which
has always been known as, a Christian nation.

This week just one more "Mini-editorial" --
"What Difference Can One True Patriot
Make? Ask Thomas Paine that question…or
Thomas Jefferson or John Adams. Ask Ronald
Reagan… Before they stepped forward and
made a difference, they were all just average
Americans that nobody ever heard of. We
know their names only because of the
contributions they made to freedom and
liberty! As American patriots desperately
search for a way to end the current
Obamanation of our Constitutional Republic,
and all the freedom and liberty it provides ...
keep two things in mind… One man often
makes the difference ... You are by no means
alone! Freedom was purchased by only a few."
(J.B. Williams)

An important note on a current event:
It is becoming quite apparent that there may have
been more to the much publicized handshake
between President Obama and President Hugo
Chavez a few weeks ago. Now the tiny Central
America nation of Honduras has sought to
oppose the illegal plot of President Zelaya to
hold onto power by rewriting the constitution
to extend his term of office. As a result, the
Courts and the Congress ordered his removal
from power, and returned that power to the
Honduras Congress. As IBD editorialized,
"During his campaign, President Obama
made a big deal of criticizing leaders who
are elected democratically but don't govern
democratically. He's had a chance to show
that it mattered in Honduras. He didn't. That's
the sorry story as Honduras' now ex-president,
Mel Zelaya, last Thursday defied a Supreme
Court ruling and tried to hold a "survey" to
rewrite the constitution for his permanent re-
election." Now Chavez, Castro and other left-
leaning leaders in Latin America have organized
support for Zelaya -- and President Obama has
decided to follow them, has declared the
governmental action as "not legal" and is now
threatening US sanctions on the tiny drug-
plagued, dirt-poor country of 7 million, even
threatening to halt its $200 million in U.S. aid,
immigration accords and a free-trade treaty if
it doesn't put Zelaya back into office. This
doesn't seem to be what America has always
stood for -- the rule of law and the will of the
people. It will be interesting to see how this
matter plays out so close to our shores. One
unsettling development is the support of the
United Nations for Zelaya, which should be a
warning to right thinking people.

A distinguished patriot's quote for the day:
"The ultimate determinant in the struggle now
going on for the world will not be bombs and
rockets but a test of wills and ideas-a trial of
spiritual resolve: the values we hold, the
beliefs we cherish and the ideals to which we
are dedicated." -- Ronald Reagan, Address to
the British Parliament, 1982

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

Readers still seem to like them, so here are
just a few "one liners" from this week's reading:

"Liberals hate America, so they assume
everyone else does, too." (Ann Coulter)

"Reading what Obama is doing to this nation
makes reading the obits relaxing." (Gene L.

"I think there are Christians who struggle
with the sin of homosexuality -- but 'proud
homosexual Christians?' That's an oxymoron
to me in the same way as I would say 'proud
adulterous Christians.'" (Peter Labarbera)

"The more one sees President Obama in
action the more you realize that the leader of
the free world is not a big fan of democracy."
(from the Blog: "Yid with Lid")

After weeks of high level pressure, the
House of Representatives passed President
Obama's "Cap and Trade" environment bill
by just 7 votes. One news account described
the action in these words: "House Narrowly
Passes Bill Designed to Influence Earth’s
Climate by Restricting U.S. Industry and
Imposing Costs on American Families."
And under the headline: "Al Gore Invests
Millions to Make Billions in Cap-and-
Trade Software," this story was interesting:
"Al Gore’s venture capital firm has invested
$6 million in a software company that stands
to make billions of dollars from cap-and-trade
regulation — further fueling controversy that
Gore lied about his profiteering from cap-and-
trade to Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and
the House Energy and Environment Sub-
committee during testimony in April." And
you were wondering why Al was working so
hard in support of this bill!

We have never done this before! We all
receive videos forwarded to us by friends,
and some of them are informative, and some
-- very frankly -- are a waste of our time. But
here is one on the familiar "YouTube" that is
extremely well done, and presents a much
needed message in the language and style of
the 1700s when this nation was being formed.
Click on this link to view it:

Last week's White House infomercial that
we announced, earned this review from a TV
rating viewpoint: "President Obama's town
hall meeting on health care delivered a sickly
rating Wednesday evening." With just 4.7
million prime time viewers, the Obama show
on ABC had the fewest viewers in the time
slot. And it wasn't in competition with other
top rated network shows. An IBD Editorial
described it in these words: "ABC's prime-
time special starring President Obama was
shameless journalistic favoritism. But as a
promotional event, it backfired; the broadcast
revealed no public demand for his vision of
health reform."

Perhaps part of the show's failure may be due
to the fact that the American people simply do
not want the sort of health insurance program
the president is proposing. It may also be due
to the possibility that the president may have
overstayed his welcome on the nation's TV
screens. An analysis by the Business and Media
Institute found that some 60% of the 75
minutes of airtime was used up just by the
president talking. On a show that was
advertised as being a dialogue on the future
of US health care, a total of only 12% of the
program -- less than 10 minutes -- was made
up of questions and comments from the
audience. Or perhaps the president simply
needs a reincarnation of Ed McMahon to
introduce him with "Here's Barack!"

One is reminded of the old story about a newly
flavored and heavily advertised dog food
which wasn't selling well. In a conference at
dog food headquarters one of the salesmen
reported to management: "The dogs just don't
like it."

A Founding Father on the right to vote:
"Let each citizen remember at the moment
he is offering his vote that he is not making
a present or a compliment to please an
individual — or at least that he ought not so
to do; but that he is executing one of the most
solemn trusts in human society for which he
is accountable to God and his country."
-- Samuel Adams, 1781
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