In our next issue, November 5, we will be able to
comment on the election, what happened, and in
what direction America will move beginning in 2009.

From the beginning of this overly long presidential
campaign with all its ups and downs and twists and
turns, this newsletter has refrained from any active
involvement. We have not discussed, and, very
frankly, we have paid little attention to the daily and
weekly polls or the predictions and evaluations of
the media, print and broadcast, which has almost
completely become the publicity arm of the Democrat
party candidates. Granted, there are a few exceptions
where a "fair and balanced" presentation of the news
prevails. But the general rule is simply that you cannot
believe or trust the elite, main line media. Period.

But this election is not between two political
parties, Republican and Democrat. And it is not
between the four major candidates, John McCain,
Barack Hussein Obama, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.
It even goes beyond the basic Conservative-Liberal
dispute in which our nation is increasingly engaged.

This election -- at the national, state and local levels
-- is between returning America to the kind of nation
it was intended to be, the kind of a nation our
Founding Father established, based on historic Judeo-
Christian principles, and the nation it may become
under an extreme liberal government, with the
accompanying discard of the moral principles which
have made America great.

And yet this election takes place at a time when 61%
of Americans agree that America is a nation specially
blessed by God, according to a report in the
Christian Post on a survey conducted by Greenberg
Quinlan Rosner Research Inc. for the PBS news
program Religion & Ethics Newsweekly and the
United Nations Foundation. The survey also found
that 59 percent agree that the United States should
be an example of a Christian nation for the world.

The present financial crisis, both here in America
and throughout the world, has refocused the theme
of political rhetoric to economic issues, with the
result that the attention of the voting public has thus
been redirected away from the serious moral issues
which we face as a nation.

The choice is clear. Support of abortion on demand,
a process which has already killed some 50 million
babies, is an element of the Democrat platform,
masquerading under the popular phrase, "Freedom
of Choice." It is even being touted as a woman's
"right" -- the right to choose to kill her unborn child
as a matter of personal convenience. Signing the
"Freedom of Choice Act" is high on the list of things
which Barack Obama has promised to do if he is
elected president.

Another major moral issue is homosexual marriage,
already banned by vote of the people in amendments
to state constitutions in 17 states, with similar ballot
issues at stake in three more states in this election.
But support of homosexual marriage is another
element of the Democrat platform, and acting to
repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act is also
high on the list of things Barack Obama has
promised to do if elected president.

Other actions on the Obama agenda include his
intent to "redistribute the wealth," make driver
licenses available to illegal immigrants, along with
social security benefits, in addition to the health,
education and welfare benefits they already enjoy.
And this says nothing about the fate of Israel in
an Obama administration, as so clearly defined by
Jesse Jackson.

And remember that Barack Obama does not
solely by himself represent the threat of a liberal
takeover of America . . . if elected, he will be aided
and abetted by Nancy Pelosi in the House, and Harry
Reid in the Senate, both willing and able liberal
supporters of the Obama agenda.

The Roman Catholic church has taken the lead in
urging Catholics to vote against abortion and same-
sex marriage. One only hopes that Protestant
Christians will demonstrate a similar adherence to
these moral value issues in this election.

A frank admission, which probably isn't necessary.
We here have not been enthusiastic supporters of the
Obama campaign. For one reason (out of several)
we do not know much about him or his qualifications
to be elected president of the United States. Nor do
the American people. For some reason - never
explained by anyone - his real, official birth certificate
is sealed and is totally unavailable; his college records
have been sealed, and are totally unavailable; he
obviously changed from his early upbringing in a
Muslim environment and became a member of a
Christian church, but his baptism record has never
been made available . . . and the list goes on and on.
A law suit to produce some of these documents was
thrown out by a judge on the ground that the originator
"lacked standing" to initiate the action. Come on, Mr.
Judge -- the originator is an American citizen who has
been asked to vote for Mr. Obama and he wanted to
know something about the candidate's background.
What better "standing" could he have? So there is one
of the reasons for our lack of support -- we just don't
know any of the real facts about the man.

If nowhere else, at least on the Internet there are
many sincere suggestions, requests, urgings for
Christians to be much in prayer during these final
days prior to the election, asking God to speak to
His people with respect to their decision on election
day. We have previously presented the "Pastor's
Pledge" originated by Donald Wildmon, Founder of
the American Family Association -- "I pledge to:
(1) Encourage my members to register to vote;
(2) Encourage my members to study the issues;
(3) Encourage my members to vote."

To which we add our own 3 point program before
you vote: "THINK . . . if what you are doing is
best for America; PRAY . . . ask God what He
wants you to do; VOTE . . . with confidence
that you are doing what is right.

And never forget our Founding Fathers: "The
subject of presidential selection has greatly
divided the House, and will also divide people
out of doors. It is in truth the most difficult of
all on which we have had to decide." - James
Wilson at the Constitutional Convention, 1787.

"Providence has given to our people the choice
of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the
privilege and interest of our Christian Nation
to select and prefer Christians for their rulers."
-- John Jay, first Supreme Court Justice, 1816.

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

Responding to the question, "Is there a role for
politics in our judicial system?" Lyric Wallwork
Winik, Washington correspondent for Parade
Magazine, commented: "None whatever. The
absolute worst violation of the judge's oath is
to decide a case based on a partisan, political
or philosophical basis, rather than what the
law requires." (September 14, 2008) When we
reflect on the many sorry court decisions of recent
days, her comment makes a lot of sense.

Gay marriage, second phase: Homosexual civil
unions which provide the same benefits of traditional
marriage, have been legal in Great Britain since 2005.
However, a recent report indicates that leniency
should be extended to homosexual couples that
choose to engage in public sex. A report titled
"Guidance on Policing Public Sex Environments" says
police should turn a blind eye to consenting adults
having sex in parks and public toilets, the BBC has
reported on its website. It seems clear that the public
sex that is protected is sex between homosexuals.

It also is clear that the embracing of homosexuality by
the legalization of a social contract on par with
traditional marriage is not enough for homosexual
activists in Britain. Not only must Brits tolerate the
mainstreaming of homosexual relationships, but they
are now being told they must also accept the
perversion that goes with it. Think before you vote,
particularly in re Proposition 8 in California.

And there is other unpleasant news from Britain:
What has been described as Britain's most expensive
credit card is one intended for use over the Christmas
season carrying an interest rate of 227%. (Yes, that's
227%) It is the "Easy Shop" card managed by
Provident Bank. Any money borrowed on the card
between now and Christmas is to be paid back over
27 weeks with an Argos representative visiting at
homes each week to collect money due. By contrast
we don't have it all that bad here in America.

An important word for today from Jonathan
Falwell, son of our long time friend, Jerry Falwell:
"We, as Christians, find ourselves at an
expanding cultural crossroads in the early
21st century. In the mainstream media … the
notion of the saving Christ is being increasingly
rejected, even condemned… Yet amid the cadence
of criticism and bullying, we continue to be called
by Christ to be His lights in this world that
increasingly denies Him. As the atheist and
humanist messages prevail culturally, we must
challenge the messengers with reason and the
Mind of Christ as we continue to be the bearers
of Jesus Christ’s living waters." (Oct. 24, 2008)

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