For example, the continuing threat of Islam . . .

The Vatican’s 2008 world religious statistics yearbook
released this week, reported that Islam has replaced
Roman Catholicism as the world’s largest religious
denomination. Muslims now make up 19.2% of the
world’s population, with Catholics representing 17.4%.

Even more significant is the fact that those figures are
for 2006 – and given Islam’s continued rapid growth,
today’s figures would be much more dramatic. In total,
however, all of Christendom – Catholics, Orthodox,
Protestant, Anglican – is still the largest religious body,
representing some 33% of the world’s population.

These facts should not surprise us. As reported in the
Brussels Journal, German author Henry Broder recently
predicted that Europe as we now know it will no longer
exist in just 20 years."We are watching the world of
yesterday," he said, "Europe is turning Muslim." The
number of Muslims in Europe is something over 50
million, but is expected to double in less than 20 years.
By 2025 one third of all European children will be born
to Muslim parents.

Tom Bethell, writing in the American Spectator, said,
"If faith collapses, civilization goes with it. That is the
real cause of the closing of civilization in Europe.
Islamization is simply the consequence." Christianity
was once the solid faith of Europe. But as secularism
took hold, and the centuries old Christian ideals began
to be forgotten, Islam was ready to meet the peoples’
need. Bethell feels that many Europeans have already
become Muslims; they just do not realize it or they
are not yet ready to admit it.

Meantime in the Netherlands, film maker Geert
Wilders has released a 15 minute movie, "Fitma," a
startlingly clear presentation of Islam’s teachings of
violence against non-believers. The reaction to the
film was not unexpected. Islamic websites called
for Wilders to be killed, an immediate reminder of
the murder of Theo van Gough by a jihadist in
Amsterdam in 2004 after he released a film critical
of Muslim treatment of women. Even the UN joined
in the attack on Wilders, as the Secretary General
said incitement against a religious faith should not
be allowed to exist.

After his own website was closed down, Wilders
began to air the film on "Liveleak" on March 27. On
March 29 "Liveleak" was forced to cancel the film
due to threats from Muslims. In announcing their
decision, "Liveleak" said, "This is a sad day for the
freedom of speech on the net, but we have to place
the safety and well being of our staff above all else."

That happened in Europe – just last week. But we
in America are not culturally very distant from our
European ancestors. It is obvious that today the fear
of death has become more meaningful to Western
leaders than the value of free speech. It may be true
that radical Islam is a dangerous threat, but the real
danger to our way of life may be the loss of the rights
that we have always claimed and defended so strongly.

A word from one of our Founding Fathers:
"Human nature is the same on every side of the
Atlantic, and will be alike influenced by the same
causes. The time to guard against corruption and
tyranny, is before they shall have gotten hold on us.
It is better to keep the wolf out of the fold, than to
trust to drawing his teeth and talons after he shall
have entered." - Thomas Jefferson, 1782

Afterthoughts . . .

Where are Americans relocating? This may not
be a decision which you are immediately facing, but
you may be interested to learn where others have been
relocating. According to Census Bureau reports released
this week, the No. 1, fastest growing metro area in the
US is the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. No. 2 was Atlanta, with
Phoenix coming in third. In following order the top ten
fastest growing areas were: Houston, Riverside (CA),
Charlotte, Chicago, Austin, Las Vegas and San Antonio.
Obviously Texas is the most popular state for move-ins,
with 4 cities in the top 10. In fact, of all the people who
relocated in 2006-207, 16% chose to move to Texas. For
what it’s worth, in a list of the 100 largest churches in
America, 22 are in California and 16 are in Texas.

Al Gore doesn’t give up, even as evidence against his
"Global Warming" theory continues to pile up. He has
now launched a $300 million program to help wake the
world to the (supposed) danger of "Global Warming."
It is a three year campaign sponsored by the Alliance for
Climate Protection, featuring a wide range of participants
including Pat Robertson, Al Sharpton, and Nancy Pelosi.
Gore plans to donate some of his profits from his film
and some of his Nobel Prize money. He remains a staunch
Democrat, although (to date) he has not announced his
favorite in the Obama-Clinton race. He has, however,
come out strongly on the side of "same-sex" marriage,
joining other important fellow-Democrats. Instead of
spending so much time on promoting his theory of
"Global Warming," he should spend a little time in
reading what God’s Word says about homosexuality.

From another Founding Father: "We are laboring
hard to establish in this country principles more
natural and free from all foreign ingredients so that we
may be truly Americans." – Alexander Hamilton, 1796

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Thank you for your timely
and much needed commentary.
I grow weary with constant
news in the media about
Hillary & Obama...
Very good commentary today!!!
I like what you say -
keep it up please.
It provides sanity
from constant liberalism!!!
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