It seemed like an appropriate term, "illegal aliens," to refer
to people from another country who had entered this country
illegally, in violation of our national laws. But "Political
Correctness" prevailed, and that term was tacitly forbidden,
along with its companion designation, "Illegal Immigrants."
The acceptable term became "Undocumented Immigrants,"
or "Undocumented Workers." The ridiculous aspect of these
requirements provoked comments like this: "Calling an illegal
alien an ‘undocumented immigrant’ is like calling a burglar
an uninvited house guest." It is obvious that Conservatives
who are concerned about the prevailing immigration problem
and our wide open borders have not been particularly pleased
with that "politically correct" designation.

So it was something of a surprise when on August 6, ABC
TV network news (not a bastion of conservative thought) used
the term "illegal immigrants" when referring to the execution
style murder of three American college students quite close to
the campus of Seton Hall University. The illegals also raped
two of the students and left a fourth girl close to death. The TV
coverage was not the only use of the forbidden term – ABC’s
email reporting of the event on the Internet August 21 used the
term 8 times in the one account.

Also pointed out was the fact that the apparent leader of the
assassins, an illegal from Peru, had been arrested twice for
violent crimes, but had not been convicted. His presence, free
and at large in the area, was well known to immigration and
naturalization officials.

The residency status of these illegals has moved this crime into
the fore-front of the ongoing debate about illegal immigration.
And "debate" is all that it is; it is not an action event by the Bush
administration or by members of Congress and the Senate from
either side of the aisle. Newark is a self-proclaimed "sanctuary
city" making it a haven for illegal immigrants and providing them
with a relative degree of security and freedom from prosecution.

"Where’s the fence?" is the title of a series of Internet ads put
together by an activist organization called Grassfire.org, referring
to the 800 miles of border fencing, authorized by Congress and
signed into law by President Bush on October 26, 2006, with
funding of $1.2 billion authorized by a Homeland Security bill.
To date some 12 - 18 miles of fence have been completed. And
now to further hamper the project, half of the National Guard
troops assigned to bolster the Border Patrol agents have been
withdrawn, leaving the fence building to the overworked and
understaffed Border Patrol.

Feelings are running high, particularly in the states which border
Mexico: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Rich Pierce,
executive vice president of the National Border Patrol Council
spoke bluntly, "The president’s game of pretending to enforce
our border continues. He has never been serious about this
issue at all."

The opponents of the enforcement of our immigration laws have
a new poster girl, Elvira Areliano, an illegal who sneaks back
into this country every time she is deported. Her strong objection
to American immigration laws is that those cruel laws separate
a mother from her child. Yes, she has an illegitimate son, born
in this country, and thus entitled to full citizenship. "Why not
simply take the boy with her when she is deported?" you may ask.

Elvira, despite not speaking any English, is not stupid. Her son is
entitled to welfare support, education and health care here in
America. And so it goes.

The criminal bent of illegal immigrants is not easily proven
by the simplest mathematical equations. Yet the evidence is there,
based on national studies of prison confinements demonstrating
that illegals are twice as apt to be convicted for crime as the rest
of the US population. Similar studies in Arizona, the most densely
illegal immigrant populated state, produce the same result, as do
other studies in the 13 states with the highest percentages of
illegal immigrant population. And there is another important
factor: the issue of national security. Mike McConnell, the Director
of National Intelligence, has admitted that Iraqi terrorists have
been apprehended while trying to enter the United States from
Mexico. In an interview with the El Paso Times he said, "There are
numerous situations where people are alive today because we
caught them [terrorists]."

In that respect, it is reported that al Qaeda is looking at the
US/Mexico open border situation as a route to enter the United
States and inflict what they speak of as "mass casualties." The US
Customs and Border Protection officers have intercepted 178
Iraqis seeking to cross the US/Mexican border already this year,
whereas only 60 such interceptions took place during 2006.

What they are called is not the most important fact.
What is important is the fact that millions of illegal immigrants
are already living in this country, and that unlimited numbers
of others are joining them year after year. The parades, the
demonstrations in Los Angeles and other border areas make
it clear that not only do they want to become American citizens
overnight, by a stroke of a legislative or judicial pen, they also
want to reclaim for Mexico the entire American Southwest which
they claim was taken from Mexico by the United States. This is
not an issue to be minimized by equating it with who picks our
lettuce or who makes the beds in our motels. This is an issue,
long ignored by administrations of both political parties, but
one which has now taken on very serious aspects of major
national importance.

A Quote from Theodore Roosevelt, three days before his
death in 1919: "We should insist that if the immigrant who
comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates
himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with
everyone else ... But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming
in every fact an American...and nothing but an American...We
have room for but one flag, the American flag ... We have room
for but one language here, and that is the
English language ...
and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty
to the American people."

Afterthoughts . . .

A forthcoming wedding ... sort of. Vicki Gene Robinson, the
homosexual Bishop of New Hampshire, whose appointment and
consecration ignited the uproar which has brought the Anglican
Communion to the brink of deep schism, announced in London
last week that in June, just a few weeks prior to the Lambeth
Conference, he and his male partner will celebrate a civil union
under New Hampshire law. How can anyone comment on an
announcement like that?

Just when it seemed he had gone silent, Jesse Jackson is
touring Great Britain, preaching his doctrine that ethnic minorities
are not fairly represented in the British government. Although
the slave trade was abolished in Britain in 1807, Jackson claims
that the present government became economically sound because
of slavery,and wants the government to apologize for it. "We must
not speak of slavery and the slave trade in past tense terms,"

he said. Two hundred years since 1807 would seem to be past tense.

"One of the most distorted programs ever," is the way a
major TV watchdog agency described CNN’s "God’s Warriors"
with Christiane Amanpour, an Iranian with American citizenship,
and married to Jamie Rubin, himself a Jew. Amanpour’s liberal
views and her abysmal lack of understanding of the Christian faith
adversely affected the three part film, shown on CNN last week.
"The CNN series is false in its basic premise,"
was the evaluation
of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in
America... The report concluded with these words, "Whether
wittingly or not, Amanpour’s program ... is a perfect illustration
of classical propaganda techniques."
The best hope on the part
of Christians is that the program enjoyed only a small audience,
and will soon be forgotten. Unfortunately, Christiane Amanpour
and CNN will still be around. In other words: don’t feel bad if you
missed it.

A clever use of EBAY and the Michael Vick matter. A lady
in the state of Missouri had a collection of Michael Vick cards, and
gave them to her dogs and let them chew on the image of Vick.
When the cards were terribly damaged, she retrieved them and
offered them for sale on EBAY. At last report she had 2,000 bids,
the highest being for $455. A few cards, unchewed, were going for
less than half of the bids for the chewed ones.There is probably a
lesson in there somewhere.

A meaningful understatement from Australia: as part
of a lengthy report on a new "values" test which applicants for
Australian citizenship must pass was this summary statement:
a masterpiece of understatement and a great thumb nail sketch
of the prevailing immigration situation in just about every country
of the world. "According to 2006 census figures only about 1.7%
of Australia’s 21 million people are Muslims, but as in other
Western countries with growing Muslim populations the com -
munity has assumed a disproportionately high profile since 9/11."

It could not be said much better.

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