THIS WEEK'S EDITORIAL COMMENT: We seem very often to recall
some quote from the past, based on the old saying from George Santayana:
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." So
today we base our current view on the familiar old saying, "It's an ill wind
that blows no one any good," from John Heywood in the 15th century. We
can look at Mr. Obama's speech on the Middle-East last week in that way,
and thank him for turning the news focus from the sordid sexual exploits of the
former California governor, Anold Schwarzenegger, and the former head of
IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. At least he brought to the fore-front of the
nation's news coverage the important issue of the right of Israelis to exist --
and that is a subject worth discussing.
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It isn't often -- almost never, in fact -- that we feel like thanking Barack
Obama for anything he has done since becoming president, but last week his
pre-emptive speech on the eve of Prime Minister Netanyahu's arrival was,
indeed, something to thank him for. He did redirect the news agencies of the
world from featuring the sordid, immoral actions of some prominent people,
and redirected our thinking to the right of the Jewish people -- God's chosen
people -- to exist in the land God gave to them centuries ago.

But at what cost ... at what embarrassment to himself. Alongside most of the
"world leaders," Mr. Obama actually looks quite good, and his skill in using
a teleprompter makes him sound quite impressive in his many speeches. But
the televised face-to-face session with Mr. Netanyahu was a mis-casting
error for which heads shall probably roll among the Obama White House
staff. It was a major mis-match, to put our apprentice president, a novice-in-
training, with no experience, much less any expertise in international affairs,
in the same photo-op with a skilled, experienced international leader with
impeccable academic credentials which he does not attempt to keep secret,
a graduate of MIT and Harvard.

It is not necessary to re-state the Thursday speech. It has been well discussed
by both Liberals and Conservatives. He announced an American forgiveness
of $1 billion of Egypt's debts, and a $1 billion gift to rebuild infrastructure for
the new Egyptian government -- whatever that may be. He insisted that both
Muslims and Christians must be able to worship freely, but Raymond Ibrahim,
in Front Page Magazine, wrote: "Days ago in Egypt, throngs of Muslims
(henceforth, 'Islamists'), estimated at 3,000, fired guns and rifles and
hurled Molotov cocktails at Coptic churches, homes, and businesses in
the Imbaba region near Cairo: twelve Christians were killed -- some shot
by snipers atop rooftops -- 232 injured; three churches were set aflame to
cries of "Allahu Akbar," while Coptic homes were looted and torched."

It has been noted that the word ╲must╡ occurs more than 30 times in the speech.
About half of the references are to things that the United States ╲must╡ do. It
may be reasonable for Obama, as the chief setter of U.S. policy, to say what he
feels his own government "must" do. However, the other half of the "musts" are
things that mid-East governments "must" do. One is entitled to ask by what grant
of authority does he dictate the actions of other nations?

"The ethnic cleansing policies of a tyrannical President gone mad." - a
description of Obama's mid-East speech by Pamela Geller in Atlas Shrugs.

After a contentious couple of days following the Thursday speech essentially
insisting that Israel make the "hard decisions" in yielding to Palestinian
demands, on Sunday Mr.Obama addressed AIPAC (American Israel Public
Affairs Committee). Now in a damage control mode, he said that his
endorsement of the Jewish stateâ•˙s 1967 boundaries as the basis for a
Palestinian state reflected the urgent need for a two-state solution between
Israelis and Palestinians, and called it a public expression of what has long
been acknowledged privately. It must have been a humiliating experience, but
he is well into his re-election campaign, and he needs as much of the Jewish
vote as he can recapture.

A realistic evaluation of Mr. Obama's viewpoint is this brief statement
from retired Israeli Ambassador, Yoram Ettinger: "In his May 19, 2011
speech on the Middle East, the President proved himself detached from
Middle East reality as well. President Obama is determined to introduce
democracy to Arab countries, in spite of their 1,400 year old systemic
track record of tyranny, terror, political violence, uncertainty, volatility
and treachery."

As a final word on this subject, John Ransom, Financial Editor, TownHall,
offered this word of advice to Mr. Obama: "Mr. President -- For 90 days,
stop speaking. DO something, anything. Create jobs, cut the budget,
bring us peace. Something. I know itâ•˙s awkward holding 'peace talks'
when we are not at war, but you could do it if you wanted... Maybe this
year you could get another Nobel prize for ending a war you started.
Howâ•˙s that for irony?"

Why have we devoted so much space to Obama's speech on Israel?
Israel has been God's chosen people from the earliest Biblical records -- in
Gen. 12:2-3 is God's eternal, immutable promise to Abraham: "I will make
of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great ...
and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee."
And the fact that Jerusalem is mentioned more than 800 times in the Bible
makes it also worthy of special attention. This unique city is the only one
which God has chosen for His dwelling place,"The Lord hath chosen Zion;
he hath desired it for his habitaton..." (Ps. 132:13). It is the only city for
whose peace we are commanded to pray, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem;
they shall prosper that love thee." (Ps. 122:6). It is the city where God has
put His name forever, "I have chosen Jerusalem that my name might be
there ... In Jerusalem, which I have chosen before all the tribes of Israel,
will I put my name forever." (II Chr. 6:6; 33:7) If, as a Christian, which he
claims to be, Mr. Obama showd as much respect for the Bible as he does for
what he refers to as "the holy Quran," he would understand what he is dealing
with in his proposals for the nation Israel.

Our prayer count-down has now reached just 531 days till election day, Nov.
6, 2012. . . 531 days to pray for God's direction as we vote to restore this
nation to what it was intended to be from its earliest days.

These words are being written on Tuesday, following the address to a joint
session of Congress by Prime Minister Netanyahu. We too often use the
term "a definitive moment" inappropriately. But that term can well describe
Mr. Netayahu's appearances and speeches on American -- and world
television -- over the past few days. We recall the joint appearance with
President Obama on Friday, when, in the words of one commentator:
"Once introduced by the President, Netanyahu took the meeting over...
The Prime Minister proceeded to give the President a dose of reality...".
From that presentation, Mr. Netanyahu moved to AIPAC, where just the
day before, Mr. Obama had tried to accomplish some "damage control" in
his speech to the powerful lobbying group, and where he had received the
polite applause due any President of the United States. But for the Prime
Minister's address there were frequent extended bursts of applause and
lengthy standing ovations. Mr. Netanyahu promised that on the next day
he would give Congress the "unvarnished truth," and he stated, "What
we need is clarity."

And finally, in his last demonstration of mature, experienced statesmanship
and leadership, before Congress -- interrupted 56 times for applause and for
frequent standing ovations -- he made the point that: "Israel is not what is
wrong in the Middle East; Israel is what is right in the Middle East." In
citing the place of Israel in history, the Prime Minister recalled God's promise
to Abraham, guaranteeing the land of Israel as the home of the Jewish people.
He spoke of this history as a Christian minister believing in Biblical prophecy
might preach in a Sunday morning sermon.

The definitive moment has occurred. The American people and the Congress
of the United States have been given a pattern for peace in the Middle East.
Much attention must be given to how Mr. Obama responds to this challenge
when he returns.

In a time when the MSM (Main Stream Media) is so liberally biased,
it becomes most important to bring you "What Others Are Saying."

David Horowitz (in Vision to America):"Despite the usual flowery
rhetoric about two peoples living in peace, yesterday morning's
presidential address may well go down in history as the beginning of the
end of the State of Israel. Never before has an American President so
brazenly embraced the "Palestinian" cause; never before has an
American President so contemptuously pushed Israel into a corner."

Carl Moeller (Pres. Open Doors, USA): "When things go wrong in the
West, some Christians turn for help to the government, MasterCard or
their insurance company. Western Christians can often solve their own
problems through wealth and power. But that's not an option for the
persecuted Christian minority in the world's most restrictive places ...
Throughout the persecuted church around the world, prayer is the
fundamental basis of life."

Michelle Bachmann (R, Minn.): "I think this is a gross error on the
part of President Obama... For the president to come out now and stand
on the side of the Palestinian state, and to stand on the side of returning
to the 1967 borders, is nothing more than a betrayal of our friend Israel."

Michael Evans (Jerusalem Prayer Team): "The fact that he made this
declaration before meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu today makes
it clear what his intentions are. The 1967 border is completely
indefensible from a security standpoint╉it is a death sentence for Israel.
And of course, there is no reason to believe that the Palestinians would
accept peace even if they got all the land they claim. This is a struggle
for Israel's very existence and survival."

Tony Adkins (Conservative Action Alerts): "George Soros is
infiltrating and controlling the U.S. news media from the top down by
funding everything from Columbia University's School of Journalism to
National Public Radio... Soros has found his strategy of funding
journalism to be a powerful way to influence the American public and
to infiltrate young minds... By spending more than $48 million to fund
media news organizations, the Soros agenda has infiltrated mainstream
news outlets - including The New York Times, Washington Post, the
Associated Press, NBC and ABC."

And from this week's research, here are a few "One Liners" . . .

On the Obama mid-East speech: "This is not policy. This is folly."
-- Daniel Pipes in National Review.

"Obama's Jihad Against Israel; A Moment of Ruination, Weakness and
Betrayal." -- Pamela Geller, in Atlas Shrugs

"If there is a single phrase to sum up this administration's policy in the
Middle East, it would be Too Little, Too Late. Way too little and way
too late." -- Paul Greenburg in

And here are this week's random "Afterthoughts" . . .

A word about the tornado in Joplin, and other natural disasters. It is
doubtful that anyone can watch the scenes of destruction in Joplin, MO, as
a result of the past weekend's tornado, and not be shocked and deeply
moved by the losses so many people there are experiencing. In the aftermath
of the cruel hoax perpetrated by Harold Camping about the end of the world,
it is somewhat difficult to remind Americans of end time predictions in the
Bible, and to point out that natural disasters are said by Jesus to be signs that
the end is near. Not "near" as to occur on a specific date -- only God, the
Father knows that -- but "near" as being the next major prophesied event in
the Bible. In Matthew 24: 6-8 Jesus said: "Ye shall hear of wars and
rumors of wars ... all these things must come to pass, but the end is not
yet ... for nation shall rise against nation ... and there shall be famines,
and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places. All these are the
beginning of sorrows." The one instruction that Jesus gave to his followers
and which He gives to us today, is "Watch therefore, for ye know not
what hour your Lord doth come." (Matt. 24:42) Meantime, for those
suffering affliction from natural disasters in Missouri ... in the Mississippi
river area New Zealand ... in Japan .. and elsewhere in the world,
we must pray for their comfort and security, and help in any tangible way
that we can.

We do not intend to give Harold Camping any more publicity. This
classic religious charlatan doesn't deserve it. Not only has he brought ridicule
upon the sound Biblical teaching of scholars through the ages, he has also
squandered the life savings of some of his followers who joined him in the
prediction of the end of the world on May 21. He is what the Bible that he so
mis-interprets calls a "false prophet." He has tried this deception once before;
doubtless he will do it again. For a concise summary, here is the comment of
Jack Marshall in Ethic Alarms: "Predicting the end of the world when
many people trust you, then being completely wrong and looking like a
fool while making oneâ•˙s followers╉and to many, oneâ•˙s religious faith╉
look foolish as well, is a significant blunder that calls for immediate
apologies and expressions of regret. Camping was cowardly ... His
failure to make a statement of accountability by now cannot be excused,
and is proof that he is ethically unworthy of trust, belief, or leadership."

It's sometimes difficult to understand Mr. Obama; never more than
during this current week. From his first moment of breaking into the national
political scene, he has avoided any reference to use of the term normally
used in America for people with his heritage: "half breed." The common
dictionary definition is: "the offspring of parents of different racial origin."
Mr. Obama has always insisted on acceptance of his Black parentage, and
has become known as America's "first Black president." Yet suddenly he
has begun to emphasize the White aspect of his parentage, and has
searched out an Irish root on his mother's side, and in the little town of
Moneygall in Ireland this week announced that his great, great, great
grandfather had lived there. As he quaffed a glass of Guinness ale, he
spoke of trying to locate the hyphen after the "O" in his name.
Among interesting statistics, a current Gallup poll discloses that American
opinions on same-sex "marriage" have been changing in a dramatic way during
the past 15 years. In 1996, 27% of respondees felt that such marriages should
be considered valid; in 2011, that percentage has increased to 53%. During
the same period, in 1996, 68% felt that such marriages should not be
considered valid; in 2011, that percentage had decreased to 45%. Not an
encouraging trend in the expression of America's moral values.

One of the truly great problems America faces is "Obamacare," and
the most recent polls indicte that 51% of Americans favor its repeal, and 42%
think it will actually be repealed. An equal number, 42%, do not think it will
be repealed. But the House has voted for its repeal, and while that action
was halted by the Senate, there is still hope after the 2012 elections.

When false religions and false prophets are so much in the news, it is
important for Americans, to recall the thoughts and words of our
nation's Founding Fathers as to what they intended America to be.

"No people will tamely surrender their liberties, nor can any be easily
subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the
contrary, when people are universally ignorant, and debauched in their
manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign
Invaders." --Samuel Adams, 1775

"Christianity is the only true and perfect religion, and that in proportion
as mankind adopts its principles and obeys its precepts, they will be wise
and happy." -- Benjamin Rush, 1798

"The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were
the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and
now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal
and immutable as the existence and attributes of God."
-- John Adams, 1813

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