EVERY WEEK, EVERY ISSUE it seems that more
and more of your responses agree with our opinion that
our nation is headed in the wrong direction, and that it is
our responsibility to do everything we can to restore our
governing practices to the Judeo-Christian principles on
which our nation was founded. Current polls indicate this
to be the case, as is pointed out in today's commentary.
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But first, this word of warning in a week when we
have seen so many patriotic displays:"Guard against
the impostures of pretended patriotism." President
George Washington in his farewell address, 1796.

And now back to this week's headline story: The
two men are definitely different, actually worlds apart:
Barack Obama and Adam Lambert. Mr. Obama is
president of the United States. Mr. Lambert is the
runner-up in the "American Idol" contest. Despite
those obvious differences, both men were seeking
the same goal, to become "America's Idol," one
going the entertainment route, the other the political
route. After more than 100 million votes were
counted, Adam Lambert failed to win what had
seemed to be a certain victory. You have to feel
sorry for him, but he is expected to make out OK;
a future of recording successes is predicted for him.

Mr. Obama, after apparently certain victories for
his ultra liberal, tax and spend policies, saw one of
his many campaign promises run up against the wall
of Congressional opposition -- in a Democrat
Congress which he supposedly controls. His request
for $80 million to shut down the detention camp at
Guantanamo was rejected by both houses of
Congress -- in the Senate by an overwhelming 90-6
vote. The problem, Mr. Obama (called by some an
"apprentice president") had not offered any plan for
how to deal with the detainees, where they were to
be sent, etc. After all the TV appearances -- almost
daily it seems -- and his attempts to persuade the
American people concerning the "changes" he has
in mind, one has to feel sorry for him as he suffers
such a sharp rebuke from his own Congress.

But like Mr. Lambert, President Obama has a
predictably successful future. His presidential term
is still in its early days . . . in the usual "honeymoon
period" of public approval.

In the introductory note we mentioned the fact
that not all polls indicate that the American people
are happy about the way things are going. A recent
Rasmussen poll (May 20) disclosed that 56% of the
American public feel that our nation is headed in the
wrong direction. Only 38% think that we are on the
right track.

Overall, various polls show President Obama with
a positive rating of 60.7%, and declining, with a
negative rating of 32.5%, and rising. In the Congress,
Nancy Pelosi has a positive rating of 34%, and falling,
with a negative rating of 60%, and rising. Harry Reid
has a positive rating of 38%, and falling, with a negative
rating of 50%, and rising. The Rasmussen daily tracking
index showed Obama at his lowest rating yet, a mere
+1, based on comparing approval views against
disapproval views.

And speaking of "one liners," (which we share
with our readers in "Afterthoughts"), here is one
from President Obama in one of his TV appearances
last week (May 21): "I ran for president promising
transparency, and I meant what I said." (It reminds
us of Bill Clinton's questioning the meaning of the
word "is.") This statement involves the meaning of the
word "transparency." Dictionary references offer
definitions such as "free from pretense or deceit,"
and "openness and accountability."

This is where we have a slight problem. "Openness"
and "freedom from deceit" do not seem to concur
with his refusal to disclose the facts of his birthplace,
the details of his college education, the current
reports on his physical condition, and any evidence
of his conversion from Islam to the Christian faith.

We really know so little about him, aside from the
fact that from his family heritage he is half-American
and half-African; and he is half-white and half-black.
From a religious standpoint, he was brought up in
the Islam faith, the religion of Muslims, and did for
several years attend a church in Chicago whose
minister expressed his views of America by the use
of a profane curse.

But if thus far he has failed to fulfill some of his
campaign promises, he is certainly on track to
fulfill others of those promises. He has acted on
his pledge to support abortion, both domestically
and overseas. He is moving toward his pledge to
revoke the Defense of Marriage Act, and thus move
toward the nationwide legalization of homosexual
marriage. Embryonic stem cell usage is also on his
agenda, and is an important element in the legalized
killing of babies unwanted by their mothers.

These are matters of serious concern to American
Christians, because they are clearly contrary to the
historic Christian faith. An outworking of that
concern confronts us as we note school boards
adopting rules to accommodate the religious beliefs
of Muslim students, but denying Christian students
any mention of or reference to God, prayer or Bible
reading. This anti-Christian attitude was evidenced
this past week as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
announced that full family benefits would be provided
to homosexual diplomats (in itself a repudiation of
America's historic Christian reputation), declaring --
in her exact words -- "It is the right thing to do."

What the Obama administration fails to grasp is the
fact -- reported this week in the Barna Report (the
Barna Group, Ventura, CA) disclosing that the
religious make-up of America is currently: "Casual"
Christian (often called "Nominal" or "Notional"
Christian) 66%; "Captive" Christian (often called
"Evangelical" Christian) 16%; Jews 2%; Mormons
2%; Pantheistic 2%; Muslims less than 1%, and
Skeptics 11%. Thus, despite President Obama's
declaration to a Muslim audience that America is
not a Christian nation, the fact is, that as of right now,
today, Christians make up 82% of our population.

It would seem that for our government to demonstrate
the Christian faith in all (or at least most) of our actions
would be"the right thing to do."

From California: "A mixed bag" -- defined as
"a collection of dissimilar things." That is what the
California Supreme Court handed us in their decision
on Proposition 8. On the plus side, from a Christian
viewpoint, the court ruled that the constitutional ban
on homosexual "marriage" will stand. On the negative
side, the 18,000 homosexual "marriages" performed
during the period while the amendment was under
judicial review will also stand. Twice in recent
years the voters of California have -- by substantial
majorities -- established the rule that marriage can
only be between one man and one woman. This
court decision upholds that rule, but allows the
18,000 homosexual "marriages" to stand. Now the
homosexual minority in California will doubtless
hold more protest rallies, and very likely within a
year or so the issue will be back on state ballots.

Another National Day of Prayer: remembering
a date in our nation's history, July 20, 1775, a year
before signing the Declaration of Independence, our
Founding Fathers proclaimed a day of fasting, prayer
and public humiliation, as stated by Samuel Adams:
"Three millions of people on their knees at once,
supplicating the aid of Heaven, is a striking
circumstance, and a very singular one in America.
May the blessings of Heaven follow in answer
to our prayers."

With this in mind, Family Research Council has
issued a "Call to Fall" on our knees before God
in a Day of Prayer, July 5, 2009, the day following
Independence Day, stating: "The country you
love cannot survive without Him."

Mark July 5 on your calendar . . . we will remind
you of it again, closer to the date.

Here is an immediate need for prayer and one
which will doubtless still be with us on July 5: Iran has
proved by their successful test last week that they are
are now able to launch a missile capable of delivering
a nuclear bomb to large areas of the world, including
Israel, the nation they have sworn to eliminate.

North Korea has proved by their successful nuclear
test last week that they have developed a nuclear
bomb, and are still trying to develop working long
range missiles.

"Connect those dots" and the Western, Christian
or non-Muslim world faces a serious threat, one
which merits our prayers that God will give wisdom
and determination to President Obama and other
international leaders in this hour of crisis."If my
people which are called by my name, shall
humble themselves, and pray ... then will I hear
from heaven ... and will heal their land."
( II Chronicles 7: 14)

Interesting: not all Democrat presidents have
tried to disassociate America from Christianity. For
example, consider these quotes from two great
Democrat presidents of the past: "America was
born a Christian nation for the purpose of
exemplifying to the nations of the world the
principles of righteousness found in the Word
of God." -- Woodrow Wilson, 1917
"This is a Christian nation. More than a half-
century ago that declaration was written into
the decrees of the highest court in this land. It
is not without significance that the valiant
pioneers who left Europe to establish settlements
here, declared their faith in the Christian religion
and made ample provision for its practice and
support." -- Harry S. Truman, 1947

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

A few more "one liners" that everyone seems
to enjoy: On shutting down Guantanamo, "It's like
opening Pandora's Box; we don't know what's
inside the box." (Vice President Joe Biden)
"Biblical principles and factual evidence, not
media hype about speculative fears like global
warming, should guide our care for the
environment and the poor." (WeGetIt.org)
"The object and practice of liberty lies in the
limitation of government power." (General
Douglas MacArthur)
On some of the market's upside swings: "Is it
truly a recovery or just a dead cat bounce?"
(Human Events)

Your tax dollars at work: it almost seems like
a reward for her mishandling of the CIA disclosure
of the interrogation tactics issue. Speaker of the
House, Nancy Pelosi, is taking a one week trip
(May 24-31) to China, visiting at least Beijing and
Shanghai. Traveling with the Speaker is Senator John
Kerry, once a candidate for president, and now
Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

FYI: Bill Clinton has a new job -- the former
president has been named as special envoy to Haiti
on behalf of the United Nations.

Another "mixed bag" -- The proposed "Hate
Crimes" act, under consideration in the Congress,
will apparently prevent pastors from speaking out on
Bible-defined issues -- like, for example, homosexual
relationships. That is definitely undesirable, from any
standpoint. On the other hand, a recent IRS decision
allows pastors to speak out on moral issues and not
face the penalty of losing their church's tax-exempt
status. Under the IRS ruling, pastors may speak out
or take political action on moral issues, and encourage
their congregations to do likewise. In the words of the
old English idiom, "It's an ill wind that blows nobody
some good."

And from another great president of the past:
"Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm
reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this
favored land, are still competent to adjust, in the
best way, all our present difficulty... Nevertheless,
amid the greatest difficulties of my Administration,
when I could not see any other resort, I would place
my whole reliance on God, knowing that all would
go well, and that He would decide for the right."
-- Abraham Lincoln, 1861, 1863

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THANK YOU! For your response to our decision
to take a strong stand for the fact that America was
founded to be a Christian nation, and despite his
denial of that fact by President Obama in his
first official speech to a Muslim nation, it still is the
most effective national voice for the Christian faith in
the world today. In just about two weeks he will be
delivering another message to the Muslim world --
this time from a major Muslim capitol city, Cairo,
Egypt. You can count on us to carefully monitor
that speech, and report on it to you.
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Perhaps "almost" is not the best choice of a word --
"somewhat" might be better . . . and perhaps also
"refreshing" is not the best choice -- "interesting"
might be better. In which case we would start by
saying that it is somewhat interesting when a
beauty pageant becomes a major news story.

On the front page of a major metropolitan newspaper
this past week, the 4 column wide headline "Miss
California USA won't lose her title" ran above the
headline "Pope laments Christianity's decline in Holy

Surely the drop from 20% just a century ago to 5%
today (and still declining) in the Christian population
of the land where Jesus lived and ministered, is of
more concern to us Christians, than news of Carrie
Prejean retaining her title as "Miss California USA."

However, the reasons for this beauty pageant story
making the headlines merit our serious consideration.
Miss Prejean is a sincere, Bible believing Christian,
not ashamed of descriptive terms like "born again,"
or "conservative." In the finals of the Miss USA
pageant, she answered a question about same-sex
"marriage" by stating it is her belief that marriage
is between a man and a woman. That simple answer
cost her the Miss USA title, and made her the target
of much criticism and abuse from almost all of the
main-stream media. But she has been unwavering in
affirming her Christian faith, and even Donald Trump,
who owns the pageant, stood by her. In fact, "the
Donald," whose odd hair-do makes him the point
of so many jokes, seemed to gain respect for his
handling of the complicated situation.

One sad thing arising out of this story is that here in
America, originally founded as a Christian nation,
where our freedom of speech and worship are
guaranteed by the Constitution, an individual is
criticized and viciously attacked for her statement
of belief by a vociferous and ever-growing more
powerful homosexual and atheistic minority.

Another sad thing arising out of the story is the
fact that Candidate Obama used these exact
words during his campaign: "I believe marriage
is between a man and a woman." During her
campaign for the presidential nomination, Hillary
Clinton used these exact words: "I think a
marriage is as a marriage has always been,
between a man and a woman." It is very clear
that a double standard exists on the part of the
media and homosexual advocates. Obama and
Clinton were not attacked; Miss Prejean, a Bible
believing Christian, was.

That should concern us, but what should
concern us more is Pope Benedict XVI's report
on the ever dwindling number of Christians in
those countries which make up the "Holy Land."
Benjamin Sleiman, the Catholic Archbishop of
Baghdad said in this regard, "I fear the
extinction of Christianity in Iraq and the
Middle East."

Concurrent with the obvious decline in the
Christian population in the Middle East, is an
even more dramatic increase in the Muslim
population. Many of us who regularly use the
Internet have recently received a "You Tube"
video presentation titled "Muslim Demographics,
the Islamic Tidal Wave." (Here at ANC we
have already received at least 5 copies of this
video from friends who share our concerns.)
This video presents in clear-cut, understandable
facts the scope of the growth of the Muslim
population, and the attendant growth of the
Islamic religion, in nations all over the world.
Europe is shown as being well on the way to
becoming a Muslim continent in a few decades.
In France, for example, there has been a 90%
increase in Muslims since 1990, and in parts of
that country there are now more mosques than
churches. Similar data is given for Germany,
Holland, Italy, Great Britain (see the item in
"Afterthoughts") and even for Russia. Islam has
already surpassed the Catholic church in total
numbers, and it is estimated that in just 5 - 7
years it will become the dominant religion in the
world, surpassing Christianity.

The United States is not exempt from this dramatic
growth. In 1970 there were 100,000 Muslims in
this country. Today there are an estimated 10
million. The entire "You Tube" video takes only
a few minutes to play -- go to this link to view it:

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this
video is in the closing words of the narration: "This
is a call to action." There is, of course, nothing
wrong with a "call to action." The "frightening" or
perhaps the "disheartening" aspect is that no plan of
action is given . . . no encouragement for American
Christians to wake up and do something about the
ever growing danger -- not only the danger that is
obvious in the growth of Islam here in America
and throughout the world, but in the present program
of destroying here in our country our heritage of a
nation founded in the Christian faith.

Do you want more examples than the more than
50 million babies killed since the infamous Roe v.
Wade court decision making abortion legal . . .
or the 5 states which have by court or legislative
action made same-sex marriage legal (not by
vote of the people)? Then consider this fact,
just released this week, that unwed mothers now
account for 4 in 10 newborns in this country.

That figure represents a 26% rise since 2002,
and is double the rate in 1980 according to a
report from the National Center for Health
Statistics. Obviously a sharp decline in our
nation's moral standards.

Which brings us to three issues in the news.

First, there is the reaction to President Obama's
speech at Notre Dame on Sunday, where he was
given an honorary degree. In essence we heard a
man -- the President of the United States -- state
as arrogant and uninformed a position as we will
possibly ever hear. Of course, the anti-religion,
pro-Obama media completely missed the point at
issue. They dwelt on his conflict with the Catholic
church as represented by Notre Dame. But it goes
way beyond that. We have to ask: who is he to
ignore two thousand years of Bible-based Christian
teaching, and declare that we can hold in balance
two absolutely opposing views on the right to life?

But he is correct in this respect - there are two
views. There is the Bible-based Christian view, and
there is the anti-Christian view. But where he is in
error is that there can be no compromise, no "open
minds" on this. What is there to debate? you accept
the Christian view or you reject it. However, brought
up and educated as he has been, in the Islamic
religion of the Muslims, there is no reason to assume
that he would hold to the Christian view, even though
that has been the basic belief of this nation through
its history. Just being at Notre Dame is not the big
issue. The big issue, the major concern for us, is to
witness this disclosure of his opposition to the
historic Christian faith.

Another issue is the incomprehensible position of
the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, the third
person in line for the presidency who was caught in
her own lies, and who then accused the CIA of
lying to Congress. Every relevant piece of evidence
is against her. So much so, that Newt Gingrich,
former Speaker of the House, has called upon her
to resign, saying, "I think this is the most
despicable, dishonest, and vicious political effort
I've seen in my lifetime. She is a trivial politician,
viciously using partisanship for the narrowest of
purposes, and she dishonors the Congress in her
behavior." The dangerous effect of what she has
done is that it appears to be in line with the radical
philosophy which our government has adopted.

And conceivably the most important issue in the
news is the confrontation between President
Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The half-way anticipated disagreement flare-up
did not materialize, and on the surface there was
the appearance of harmony in the long standing
alliance between Israel and the United States. But
underlying the surface politeness, however, was the
difference of opinion about what is the most urgent
and most dangerous issue in the mid-East situation.

To Israel it is the threat of a nuclear armed Iran
which has never drawn back from its threat to cause
Israel to cease to exist. In President Obama's mind
the proper course is "diplomacy" in dealing with Iran,
and the continued pressure on Israel to surrender
more territory and yield to a two-state arrangement
with Palestine. As or America's relationship with
Israel, this is a time when God's promise to Abraham
will be referred to, "I will make of thee a great
nation, and I will bless thee and make thy name
great ... and I will bless them that bless thee,
and curse him that curseth thee" (Gen. 12: 2-3)

And this other word, "Pray for the peace of
Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee."
(Psalm 122:6) If there is one right decision for
America, it is to be on the side of Israel and God's
beloved city of Jerusalem.

Oh yes, and by the way: not only is President
Obama out of touch with the Christian faith, he is
also out of touch with the views of the American
people. Two polls released this week show that
more Americans are pro-life than pro-choice:

Gallup poll: pro-life 51%, pro-choice 42%; and
Fox News poll: pro-life 49%, pro-choice 43%.

What can individual Christians do? You can
vote and replace liberal politicians who are
reshaping the moral and ethical standards of our
nation ("Remake" is the term of choice by the
Obama administration.) You can contact your
elected representatives in Washington -- your
Senators and your House of Representatives
member -- simply by calling this number:
(202) 224-3121, and ask to speak to your
Senator or your Representative. That is your
right, your privilege. They represent you. You
put them there by your vote. You can replace
them by your vote. And you can pray for God's
guidance and direction for the people in authority.

At least three things to do: Vote . . . Contact . . .
Pray. But this is no time to sit back and do nothing.

Here is a surprising comment and from a
surprising source. Stanislav Mishin, writing in
Pravda, the Russian news source, made this
evaluation of what is now happening in America.

We have often expressed concern about trends
toward socialism. Mishin goes even further: "It
must be said, that like the breaking of a great
dam, the American descent into Marxism is
happening with breath taking speed, against
the back drop of a passive, helpless people."

If someone living under a communist-type
government sees trends in this country moving in
this direction, surely we who live here should at
least pay some attention to what he is saying.

We often offer "one liners" for your information,
and here is one which fits in with this week's quote
from a Founding Father which applies to our
government today. From Gary Bauer: "Our
apprentice president is learning on the job."

And the Founding Father's quote is: "Men, to act
with vigour and effect, must have time to
mature measures, and judgment and experience,
as to the best method of applying them. They
must not be hurried on to their conclusions by
the passions or the fears of the multitude. They
must be deliberate as well as resolved."

(Joseph Story, writing in "Commentaries on the
Constitution," 1833)

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

Some more "one liners" our readers seem to
enjoy: "Secularism turns the bedrock of western
society -- the moral code derived from Judeo-
Christian faith -- into sand." (Herb London,
in "America's Secular Challenge")

"Americans are looking for more government
in their life, not less." (Colin Powell, speaking
in Washington last week.)

We couldn't have said it better: "As President
Obama exits the 'honeymoon period' that every
president enjoys, he and his staff are still
executing a 'control the message campaign,' and
doing so with a vicious effectiveness aided by a
complicit mainstream media." (Frank Salvato,
writing in the New Media Journal)

And in Europe they're saying: " The U.S.
Treasury Secretary talks about permanent
action ... all of those ideas, their combination
and their permancy is a way to hell." ( Czech
Prime Minister, Mirek Topolanek, President of
the European Union)

Hard to believe news from Britain: In a nation
where the Church of England was once dominant,
the BBC (the major voice on radio and TV) has
appointed Aaqil Ahmed -- a Muslim -- as the new
head of religious broadcasting.

Your tax dollars at work: Next week, May 26,
President Obama will fly to Las Vegas to speak
at what will probably be a multi-million dollar
fund raising event to help Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid retain his seat in the upcoming election.
According to the formal invitations circulating
among Democrat donors, individual admissions
start at $2,400.

Your taxes at work, #2: The National Institute
of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (part of NIH) will
pay $2.6 million in US tax dollars to train Chinese
prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job. Dr.
Xiaoming Li of Wayne State University School of
Medicine in Detroit is the researcher in charge of
the program.

Not from a Founding Father, but from an award
winning present day journalist, Claudia Rosett:
"This week alone you can take your pick among
the mysteries of the spreading swine flu, the
drumbeat of Iranian nuclear pursuits, the
conundrums of American self-flagellation over
Guantanamo Bay, the wild uncertainties of the
modern world's financial system, or the Taliban
onslaught in nuclear-armed Pakistan ... and
while you are doing that, another crisis will
turn up."

And from a truly great president, these words
when this nation faced difficult times: "The ways
of God are mysterious and profound beyond all
comprehension. Who by searching can find Him
out? He has destroyed nations from the map of
history for their sins. Nevertheless, my hopes
prevail generally above my fears for our
Republic. The times are dark, the spirits of ruin
are abroad in all their power, and the mercy of
God alone can save us." (Abraham Lincoln, 1862)

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from last week's issue, here is one of the kind we like
to read (naturally, it's favorable): "ANC chronicles
what's going on intelligently and informatively.
Keep on keeping on." Very frankly, the "favorables"
outnumber the "unfavorables" each week by a
tremendous margin. But pro or con, we do like to hear
from you, and encourage you to write to us at:
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For the past 6 years of this weekly commentary, in
just about every issue we have presented quotes from
America's Founding Fathers, establishing beyond any
possible doubt that this nation was founded on Judeo-
Christian principles, and that Christian morality was the
undergirding assumption for every decision they made.

Accepting the risk of repetition, let's look at the facts,
recalling the words of Sgt. Joe Friday, in the "Dragnet"
TV series of the early 1950s; "All we know are the
facts, ma'am."

For a starting "fact," the Mayflower Compact of
1620, used these words to state the reason for their
perilous voyage to this new land: "for the glory of
God, and advancement of the Christian faith."

Then, moving forward 150 years, the men who wrote
and signed the Declaration of Independence and the
United States Constitution declared their faith using
words like these:

Patrick Henry, “It cannot be emphasized too
clearly and too often that this nation was founded,
not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion,
but on the gospel of Jesus Christ." (1765)

John Adams, the second US president, on July 4,
1776 when Congress approved the Declaration of
Independence: "The general principles upon which
the Fathers achieved independence were the
general principles of Christianity."

Charles Carroll, who signed the Declaration of
Independence: "Without morals a republic cannot
subsist any length of time; they therefore who are
decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is
so sublime and pure...are undermining the solid
foundation of morals, the best security for the
duration of free governments." (1800)

John Jay, first Chief Justice: “Providence has given
to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is
the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of
our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians
for their rulers." (1816)

And there could easily be added statements in similar
vein from other Founding Fathers, George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin,
and more.

Then moving forward another couple of hundred years,
through more than 40 different administrations, we find
president after president reaffirming the importance of
God and the Christian faith in the life of our nation.

But against all these facts, President Obama in
an address in Turkey, a Muslim nation, denied those
long established truths in these words: "We do not
consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish
nation, or a Muslim nation." Why he should have
introduced mention of the "Jewish" or "Muslim" faiths
in reference to America is beyond all logical reasoning.
There has never been any claim that America was a
nation holding either of those faiths.

The president's lack of understanding of our
nation's religious history should not come as a surprise.
He was born in a Muslim environment and received
his early education in Muslim schools in Indonesia.
Any "Christian" influence in his life has come from the
Chicago minister who expressed his view of America
with a profane curse.

This non-Christian, or anti-Christian stance of the
Obama administration was brought to public attention
just a week ago, when the National Day of Prayer
(passed by act of Congress and signed into law by
President Truman in 1952) was essentially ignored by
the Obama White House, while millions of Americans
assembled in public places at noon on May 7, to pray
for our nation, our people and our leaders.

Incidentally the National Day of Prayer has long been
a part of American history -- John Hancock, President
of the Continental Congress, on April 15, 1775, issued
a proclamation for A Day of Fasting, Humiliation
and Prayer." That Proclamation included these words:
"Resolved; …Thursday the 11th of May…to humble
themselves before God ... to confess the sins ... to
implore the Forgiveness of all our transgressions ...
and a Blessing on the union of the American
Colonies in Defense of their Rights for which hitherto
we desire to thank Almighty God." The date for the
National Day of Prayer has persisted, and in 1988
President Reagan amended the law to establish the first
Thursday in May as the date for the national observance.

In fairness it must be said that President Obama did
comply with the federal law, and did issue a Day of
Prayer proclamation in the afternoon of Thursday,
May 7, when the day was half over. His wording was
strange, at best -- he only mentioned "God" once.
And, of course, there was no observance of the Day
of Prayer at the White House.

Here are excerpts from the Obama proclamation of
the National Day of Prayer; you have every right to
know exactly what he said: "...as the flames of the
Civil War burned from north to south, President
Lincoln and the Congress once again asked the
American people to pray as the fate of their nation
hung in the balance. It is in that spirit of unity and
reflection that we once again designate the first
Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer.
Let us remember those who came before us, and
let us each give thanks for the courage and
compassion shown by so many in this country and
around the world.

"Let us also use this day to come together in a
moment of peace and goodwill... As we observe
this day of prayer, we remember the one law
that binds all great religions together: the
Golden Rule, and its call to love one another; to
understand one another; and to treat with dignity
and respect those with whom we share a brief
moment on this Earth.

"The Congress, by Public Law 100-307, as
amended, has called on the President to issue
each year a proclamation designating the first
Thursday in May as a 'National Day of Prayer.'

President of the United States of America, do
hereby proclaim May 7, 2009, as a National Day
of Prayer. I call upon Americans to pray in
thanksgiving for our freedoms and blessings and
to ask for God's continued guidance, grace, and
protection for this land that we love."

(Please note that it was in the last sentence that he
did finally bring himself to mention God.)

But all that doesn't mean that all of the nation's
leaders failed to observe the Day of Prayer. This
release from CNS News says it well: "A caucus
room in a House of Representatives office building
was transformed into a place of worship on
Thursday, as people in the nation’s capital joined
with millions of other Americans across the country
to celebrate the National Day of Prayer. Those
gathered on Capitol Hill prayed for the nation
and for those who lead it, including President
Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden –
neither of whom made any public appearance or
speech to mark the occasion." In fact, although the
Legislative and Judicial branches of our government
were represented, for the first time in two decades
that there was no representative from the Executive
branch. You can't ask for stronger evidence of the
administration's anti-religious viewpoint than that.

And recognition of God and the Christian faith
as demonstrated by our nation's Founding Fathers
was also evident in each of the constitutions of the
states which make up the American nation. Most of
the references to God appear in the preambles, with
an expression of gratitude to God for His goodness
and an appeal for His guidance in the affairs of each
state. It is interesting and encouraging to read these
statements. To do so for yourself, go to this link

President Obama's immediate plans include much
to concern American Christians. His denial that we are
a Christian nation was made while he was in a Muslim
nation. Now, in fulfillment of one of his many campaign
promises, he has announced a visit to Egypt, from
where he will address the Muslim, or Islamic, world.
June 4 is the proposed date for the speech, with Cairo
as the probable site. In his previous speech before the
Turkish Parliament, Obama said, "The United States
is not and will never be at war with Islam." An
interesting thought, and a prediction difficult to guarantee.

However, there is an element of truth in it. America
has never been at war with Islam. But Islam has long
been waging war with America and all the non-Islamic
"infidels" of the world. What Mr. Obama seems not to
understand -- due, no doubt, to his Islamic upbringing
-- is stated well in these remarks by Syrian-born
Yvonne Yasbeck Haddad, Professor of the History
of Islam at Georgetown University: "Islam is a
revolutionary doctrine and system that overturns
governments. It seeks to overturn the whole
universal social order...Islam seeks the world. It is
not satisfied by a piece of land but demands the
whole universe ... The Islamic party does not hesitate
to utilize the means of war to implement its goal.”
(Washington Center for Contemporary Arab Studies)

And remember Obama's expressed intent to have
high level talks with Iran, without any pre-conditions?
If he should attempt to do so, it will be in a difficult
environment. The Iranian Islamic leader, Ayatollah
Ahmad Khatami, criticized Washington for its call for
talks with Tehran, saying, “The Iranian nation is the
same nation that put all options of Bush under the
table and into history’s dustbin. Obama is now
toeing Bush’s line regarding Iran.”

Khatami also encouraged the Arab world to cut ties
with Israel, and warned certain Arab leaders about
their apparent efforts to maintain close relations with
Israel. In expanding his comments on any US-Iran
relations, Khatami said, said: “Praise to the Imam
[Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the
Islamic Revolution in Iran] who said, ‘If America
was a human being, we would talk with it’ - but
you are not human beings, and this is the same
nation it was 30 years ago… and therefore say:
‘Death to America!’”

The point of our concern is this: It has been
clearly established that America was founded as a
nation based on Judeo-Christian principles and beliefs,
and has always been considered a "Christian" nation.
Suddenly this perception is being changed by one
man's destructive beliefs, and with unlimited political
power at his disposal, America is being led into being
not only a non-Christian, but even an anti-Christian
nation. The weakening of the American family through
increased approval of homosexual marriage . . . the
lack of respect for life through the increased support
of abortion . . . the forthcoming regulation of freedom
of expression through new "hate crimes" laws, and
new "employment discrimination" laws. . . the evidence
is all around us.

This is no time for American Christians (we're still a
majority in this country) to sit back and do nothing.
We urgently need a leader to bring together America's
God-fearing and morally upright people -- American
Christians.We must do whatever it takes to reclaim
America from the aggressive Liberal agenda, with all
of its socialist aspects, into which we are being forced.
We need prayer for our nation -- not just on one day
in May, but in Bible language: "without ceasing."

From a respected current day commentator:
"America’s greatness is due to our moral heritage.
Both freedom and liberty are endowed by our creator,
(not granted or managed by our politicians), and both
are in jeopardy whenever our moral foundation is attacked...
America has always been the most loved, and the most
hated country on earth, both the most respected and
the most feared, and that’s how it must remain."
-- J.B. Williams, 2009

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

Our readers seem to enjoy the "one liners"
we present here, week after week. For example,
we found this classic by William Penn from 1702:
"Those people who will not be governed by God
will be ruled by tyrants."

And from current day Anglican evangelist, Canon
Michael Green: "The first century church succeeded
because every member was a missionary. The twentieth
century church is failing because every member is not."

And from our friend Gary Bauer: "Undermining our
national security is the ACLU's first priority; under -
mining our cultural security, its second."

The unrealized death of "Global Warming." Not
just the administration's efforts to develop a new term
for the Al Gore hoax (as predicted in our last week's
issue) ... but the various national polls, Gallup, Zogby
and Rasmussen all indicate that the American people
no longer accept that 20 year old lie. The brief
warming cycle of the 1930s soon turned around and
by the late 1990s even the most die-hard enthusiasts
were forced to admit that we were in a cooling cycle,
and that Global Cooling rather than Global Warming
was under way. “They have failed,” said Gallup Poll
editor, Frank Newport; “Any measure that we look
at shows Al Gore’s losing at the moment. The public
is just not that concerned.” Now if someone would
just explain that to the White House . . .

Homosexual marriage takes root in New England.
Once the birthplace and home of conservative thought
and stability, the site of the pioneer pilgrim settlements
which grew into the United States is becoming the most
liberal area of our nation. The activist homosexual group,
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, has targeted all six
New England states for passage of a gay marriage law by 2012.
At the moment they seem to be succeeding. Following the
lead of those few Massachusetts judges who made the Bay
State the first to legalize gay marriages, now Connecticut,
Vermont and Maine have followed, with a similar law
passed by the legislature in New Hampshire, and awaiting
the governor's signature.

Only Rhode Island has not yet done the same, although
a similar bill has been introduced but is not expected to
pass this year.

In defense of America's moral values, it must be noted
that every time a state's voters have had opportunity
to consider the issue, they have voted overwhelmingly
to retain marriage as between a man and a woman. It
is the courts or the legislators who have given the
nation's homosexual minority their current victories.

The ACLU is still with us, and according to Anthony
Romero, the organization's new head, it is just a matter
of time before same-sex marriage will be legalized
across America. "Clearly, the momentum is on our side,"
said Anthony Romero, the first openly gay person to head
the 89-year-old ACLU. He added that making same-sex
marriage legal throughout the United States remains a
top ACLU top priority. (Not that this is news to anyone.)

More from Secretary Napolitano: In an interview
with John King on CNN, our head of Homeland
Security commenting on Maricopa County (AZ)
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's intent to arrest and imprison
illegal aliens, made the ridiculous statement that
"crossing the border is not a crime per se. It is
civil." Sorry, Janet . . . you're wrong again. The U.S.
criminal code, 8 USC 1325, says illegal aliens "shall,
for the first commission of any such offense, be
fined under Title 18 or imprisoned not more than
six months, or both, and, for a subsequent
commission of any such offense, be fined under
Title 18, or imprisoned not more than two years,
or both." Sometimes you wonder just how qualified
some of the Obama cabinet appointments really are.

And from America's World War I president:
"Liberty has never come from the government.
Liberty has always come from the subjects of
government. The history of liberty is the history
of resistance. The history of liberty is a history
of the limitation of governmental power, not the
increase of it." -- Woodrow Wilson




IT IS REFRESHING, and to use an overworked
term in today's political rhetoric, it is "humbling" to
read some of the comments from our subscribers.
But we mean it. And it is also "encouraging", because
we might at times think we are all alone in believing in
the critical need for "Christianizing America," instead
of the prevalent trend of "Americanizing Christianity."
But we are not alone! And we thank you for your
strong support and endorsement of the position we
continue to emphasize. Please keep sharing your views
with us at: american_news_2008@yahoo.com
- - - - - - - - - -


But first - an important reminder: Tomorrow,
May 7, is the "National Day of Prayer." The schedule
is simple, but should be effective. All across America
Christians will be meeting at their City Hall at 12:20
PM to pray for our nation, our people and our leaders.
Plan now to be at your City Hall tomorrow noon. The
National Day of Prayer is based on an Act of Congress,
signed into law by President Truman in 1952, to be
observed on the first Thursday in May each year.

Now back to "1984" and its relationship to our time.
Published in 1949 -- that's 60 years ago! -- George
Orwell's classic "1984" was, with his "Animal Farm,"
the best known of his many books, essays and poems.
He died in January 1950 at age 46, just a few months
after completing the manuscript for "1984." The book
became the most influential "dystopian" novel -- (the
opposite of "utopian") of all time. One of the featured
aspects of the totalitarian government he described,
was the mandated language called "Newspeak" which
featured such manufactured words as "goodthink" --
described as follows: "Goodthink -- thoughts which
adhere to all the principles of Newspeak. Anything
that does not constitute goodthink is thoughtcrime."

Here in America we are well on the way to a major
remake (the announced Obama goal for America) of
our national language lexicons. For example in recent
weeks we have seen these changes: "illegal alien" has
become "non US citizen," or "undocumented worker"
or "unauthorized immigrant." "Global war on terror"
has become "overseas contingency operation," and
"terrorism" has become "man caused disasters." The
latest change seems to be to replace the term "Swine
Flu" with "H1N1 Influenza A" or more simply "H1N1."
Still awaiting the administration directive is the change
of "Global Warming" to something like "deteriorating
atmosphere." That official decision has not yet been
finalized, but expect it soon.

The "1984" reference to "Thoughtcrime" for
failing to observe "Goodthink" is becoming reality in
the new Hate Crime Bill (HR 1913) passed last week
by the House, with its companion bill being debated in
the Senate. For example, this potential hate crimes law
gives the government the right to decide on the motive
for the "hate crime" based on their opinion alone. Put
another way, these are the "thoughtcrimes" which in
"1984" were punishable by "Big Brother" -- Orwell's
term for the ruling government in power. Simply stating
your opinion on protected viewpoints or actions can
land you in jail. In other countries, where similar hate
crime laws have been passed, pastors and individual
Christians are being arrested and jailed because they
dare to preach on Bible truths - even in regular services
inside their church sanctuaries.

This Hate Crimes law, now close to being passed by
Congress, poses a serious threat to Christians, and goes
against the right to freely practice our religious beliefs
guaranteed under the First Amendment. In short, this
law gives a securely protected legal status to homosexual
behavior, for example, and makes it a criminal act to
express an opinion contrary to any such behavior. In a
Presidential statement dated April 28, Mr. Obama urged
both houses of Congress to take swift action in passing
this legislation, and has promised to sign it into law.

And that's not the only danger we face. There is
the proposed "Employment Non-discrimination Act"
(ENDA) which makes it illegal to fire or refuse to hire
any person based on their sexual orientation. The effect?
A Christian school could not reject a homosexual
football coach who was applying for the job. ENDA
has the support of the Obama administration .

And there is the president's campaign promise to repeal
the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA), signed into
law by President Clinton. DOMA defines marriage as
between a man and a woman, and states that no state
can be forced to recognize a same-sex marriage entered
into in another state.

President Obama's views on homosexual issues have
been clearly expressed in prior statements from him --
"I believe in the rights of gays and lesbians to
become foster parents, adopt children ... on the
same basis as heterosexuals." And in another
statement during his earlier political career, "I favor
legalizing same-sex marriages and would fight
efforts to oppose such marriages." More recently he
has said that he does not support homosexual marriage.

Add to these actions the president's strong support for
legalizing and encouraging abortion, not only here in
America, but overseas as well, coupled with his choice
of a firmly pro-abortion Secretary of Health and Human
Services -- and we as Christians have serious problems
confronting us, and our nation's well being.

Not only is "1984" applicable to our time, but an
applicable verse from the New Testament comes also
to mind: "For if the trumpet give an uncertain
sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?"
(I Cor. 14:8) Application? With respect to the potential
"Swine Flu" (H1N1) pandemic, the sound from the
White House was most certainly "uncertain." President
Obama was using TV at every opportunity (which
seemed very frequent), to urge Americans to stay calm
... don't panic ... wash your hands. But Vice President
Biden was telling all of us, as he said he had told his family,
don't travel by plane, train or bus, and stay away from
crowded rooms (like offices, schools or churches).

Editorial comments on Mr. Biden's warning: from two
major newspapers, coast to coast: from the New York
Post: "If you're so concerned about the health of New
Yorkers, do us a favor and cover your mouth before
you talk again." And from the San Diego Union Tribune:
"The ultimate in idiocy; Vice President Joseph Biden
essentially urging all Americans to stay outdoors for
the duration of the swine flu threat... Americans need
to keep their heads even if their vice president has
lost his."

Pakistan: "Too little, too late"-- those may be the
appropriate words to describe America's relationship
with this volatile nation. In the words of Newsweek
magazine (with whom we agree about as often as with
MSNBC): "Pakistan is the most dangerous place
on earth." Washington has watched as the government
of President Zardari has allowed the Taliban insurgents
to institute Islamic law (Sharia) in a major region, and
has seen those insurgents take over more of the country
to a spot just 60 miles from the capitol. (It must be
remembered that Pakistan has operative nuclear
armament -- an obvious goal for the Taliban.) Meantime,
an estimated half-million refugees have fled for their lives
from the region of Islamic law. Currently President
Zardari is in Washington for meetings with President
Obama. Both men must be remembering Obama's
declaration in Turkey just a couple of weeks ago:
"The United States is not and never will be at
war with Islam. In fact, our partnership with the
Muslim world is critical." The spokesman for the
Taliban, the ultimate of Islamic belief, does not seem
to understand that; Muslim Khan said this week:
"Everything will be OK once our rulers stop bowing
before America." And Sufi Mohammed, a senior
influential Islamic cleric, said this week: “All those
who believe in democracy are infidels.” Our
"partnership" may be somewhat tenuous.

By the way, how is the president doing? By the
daily Rasmussen polls (which we regard as the most
reliable, because they are on a daily basis) Mr. Obama's
approval index rating slid to its lowest point ever on the
past weekend, at +1. Also from Rasmussen, the number
of people who think that the Obama administration
will indulge in heavy government spending has steadily
increased from 54% last November ... to 63% on
Inauguration Day ... to 73% this week. A Gallup poll
reveals that at the 100 day point, Obama was the
second least liked president in some 40 years. The
popular approval ratings for recent presidents on their
100th day were: Ronald Reagan, 1981, 67%; Jimmy
Carter, 1977, 63%; George W. Bush, 2001, 62%;
Richard Nixon, 1969, 61%; George H.W. Bush,
1989, 58%; Barack Obama, 2009, 56% and Bill
Clinton, 1993, 55%. This in spite of all his seemingly
non-stop TV appearances.

Our Founding Fathers' views on God, Truth
and Morality. Democracy can only flourish, as your
founding fathers realized, when political leaders
and those whom they represent are guided by
truth and bring the wisdom born of firm moral
principle to decisions affecting the life and future
of the nation." - George Washington, 1796

"I have lived a long time, and the longer I live,
the more convincing proofs I see of this truth --
that God governs in the affairs of man."
- Benjamin Franklin, 1787

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

It's interesting how many favorable comments
we receive on the "one liners" we present each week.
Here are a few from this week's research: first, there
are two from Don Wildmon, Chairman, American
Family Association (AFA): "Christians are in
jeopardy of losing the culture war," and "Once
our moral foundation is destroyed, the entire
nation will collapse."
From Newt Gingrich: "Will the Future Bring Change
We Can Believe In? Or a Change in What we Believe?
From Pat Buchanan: "Middle America yet remains a
blood-and-soil, family-and-faith, God-and-country
kind of nation."
And a touch of humor from Jimmy Kimmel: "Everyone
in Mexico right now looks like Michael Jackson with
those face masks they’re wearing."

Republican or Democrat: class will tell. Former
President Bill Clinton said this on the death of Jack
Kent: "America has lost an extraordinary public
servant and a fine man. Jack Kemp will always be
remembered for his relentless search for new ideas
and his genuine concern for the poor and people
of color, most of whom he knew would never vote
for him. He was a creative conservative with a big
heart... I will miss him very much." But by contrast,
former Republican, the turncoat Arlen Specter blamed
the Republican party for Jack Kemp's death, saying that
if their policies had been different, he might still be alive.
Specter is already out of step with his new associates.

An encouraging action for moral values from,
of all places, the US Supreme Court. Last week the
Court by the usual 5-4 vote upheld the FCC policy
established in 2004 to punish even a single profane
word on TV. This decision empowers the FCC to
fine networks that violate the rules. In this age of
deteriorating moral standards, this decision can only
be seen as a victory for American families.

Looking back at the TEA parties; Newt Gingrich's
reflections on these memorable events. "The Democrats,
Republicans and Independents who went to Tea
Parties last week want the same thing that the
patriots of 1773 wanted: To be treated as free
citizens with inalienable rights, not indentured
subjects of an all-powerful government. Subjects
don’t complain when government makes their lives
more secular and more socialized. But citizens
demand the “right to pursue happiness” as their
Creator endowed them in the Declaration of
Independence...The Tea Parties were a reaction to
all these threats to the American way of life."

And from the nation's second president:
"Our Constitution was made only for a moral
and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for
the government of any other." - John Adams, 1798
- - - - - - - - - -
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