There is a long list of socially, politically and even
religiously accepted "in-words," and perhaps the
most useful and understandable is "worldview." The
use of the term "understandable" may be a bit extreme.
This seems such a simple word, until you attempt to
define or explain it.

The American Heritage Dictionary (3rd edition, 1992)
defines it as: "The overall perspective from which
one sees and interprets the world; a collection of
beliefs about life and the universe held by an
individual or a group." Dr. James Sire, a recognized
Christian speaker and author of several Intervarsity
Christian Fellowship books defines our word as, "a set
of presuppositions (assumptions which may be true,
partially true or entirely false) which we hold
(consciously or subconsciously, consistently or
inconsistently) about the basic makeup of our world,"
and suggests that "we should all think in terms of
worldview, that is, with a consciousness not only
of our own way of thought but also that of other
people, so that we can first understand and then
genuinely communicate with others in our
pluralistic society."

Not quite as simple as might be thought, but in its
present, everyday use by Evangelical Christians it has
come to be a goal for international Christian witness --
we should have a world view, and a concern for
those beyond our national shores who need to hear
the Gospel in line with the Great Commission of
Jesus Christ.

At the present moment we have ample opportunity
to adopt and demonstrate our own personal worldview.
There are at least two major disasters affecting
hundreds of thousands of people -- in Myanmar
(Burma) the number of dead nears 100,000, with other
thousands still missing, and with millions homeless,
without shelter, food, water or medical care, and
a heartless despotic government impeding the relief
assistance from countries all over the world. In China
one earthquake follows another, with deaths in the
75,000 range, and the number of buildings destroyed
beyond comprehension, and despite massive efforts
by the government, the task is fast becoming impossible.
Aside from giving to relief agencies who can provide
help, we should hold both of these disasters and the
people affected by them in our prayers for God to help
those who are in such desperate need.

And even within our own nation, tornado destruction,
and the accompanying loss of lives is very real in Iowa,
Minnesota, Oklahoma and throughout the center of
America. Again our gifts and prayers are needed.

One recalls the old motto for fulfilling the Great
Commission: "Some can go . . . others can give . . .
all can pray."

Memorial Day, 2008. We began this week with the
national observance date for Memorial Day when we
remember the members of the nation's military who
have given their lives in defense of our country. One
remembrance message posted on the Internet reminded
us of those who were killed in action in recent wars:
WWI, 1917-1918: 116,516; WWII, 1940-1945:
405,339; Korean War, 1950-1953: 36,568; Viet Nam
War, 1964-1975: 58,203; First Gulf War, 1990-1991:
382; Iraq Freedom War, 2005 - present: 4082. Our
prayers for our military personnel should not be limited
to one day each year, but should be ongoing, as part
of our Christian worldview.

And if the Memorial Day observances stirred your
patriotic feeling, click on this link for a great musical treat:

Click Here!

Defense of Marriage, traditional marriage, that is:
In 1996 President Bill Clinton signed into law the federal
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines
marriage as a legal union between one man and one
woman, and provides that states need not recognize a
marriage from another state between persons of the
same sex. 40 states have their own DOMA, and 26
states have similar definitions of marriage as amendments
to their constitution. To date only two states --
Massachusetts and California -- have by court action
made same-sex marriage legal. In California there is
intense action under way to put the marriage amendment
on the November ballot, which would over-rule the court
action. It is interesting that California Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger has put state income above traditional
marriage by stating last week: "I'm wishing everyone
good luck with their marriages and I hope that
California's economy is booming because everyone
is going to come here and get married." The Federal
and State DOMAs follow the teaching of Jesus, "From
the beginning of creation God made them male and
female. For this cause shall a man leave his mother
and father and cleave to his wife." (Mark 10: 6-7)

Among our presidential candidates, opinions vary.
Senator Obama wrote to the lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transsexual (LGBT) community earlier this year,
"I support complete repeal of the Defense of
Marriage Act ... while some say we should repeal
only part of the law, I believe we should get rid of
that statute altogether." Senator Clinton has favored
repeal of part of DOMA, as explained by Ethan Gato,
her senior national adviser, "As several states have
legalized gay marriage ... Senator Clinton has come
to believe that the restrictions imposed by DOMA
on federal government recognition of same-sex
relationships are unfair." On the other side, Senator
McCain voted for DOMA, and last week said on
national TV, "I just believe in the unique status of
marriage between man and woman..." Good facts
to remember when we vote in November.

And from a Founding Father: "The general
principles upon which the Fathers achieved
independence were the general principles of
Christianity ... I will avow that I believed then
and now believe that those general principles of
Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the
existence and attributes of God." --John Adams,
July 4, 1776

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

Al Gore's theory is still in the news, but not with any
increased support. Joe Bastardi, the senior meteorologist
at AccuWeather.com says that supposed man-made
catastrophic global warming cannot be blamed for any
unusual weather event. Recently Al Gore blamed the
Myanmar cyclone on global warming. Bastardi refutes
that claim, "No, the Indian Ocean temperatures
were near normal ... that was not a product of global
warming. It's a product of the fact that these poor
people live in a poor country in a low delta, and one
of the storms finally took off to the northeast ."

And Mr. Gore was in the news yet again -- this
time because last week he received a $1 million prize
from Tel Aviv University in Israel for alerting the world
to the "crisis" from overuse of fossil fuels. It's difficult
to understand and believe.

An Anglican priest active for evangelism -- Paul
Eddy (make a note of that name) is a priest-in-training
and a member of the Anglican General Synod. He has
made this assertion, "Both Christianity and Islam are
missionary faiths. We have sent missionaries
throughout the whole world, but when we have the
privilege of people of all nations on our doorstep,
we have a responsibility as the state church to
share the Gospel of Jesus Christ." He has gained so
much support that his call to evangelize the lost will be
debated at the next Synod meeting. Some British church
officials fear that proclaiming the Gospel publicly and
boldly will cause a backlash. This young man may start
a revolution in an otherwise lethargic church.

Watch out for "Media-bias." Robert Knight, former
Los Angeles Times news editor, points out some of the
examples of "media bias." In the case of the present
marriage issue, Conservatives speak of "natural marriage,"
or "biblical marriage," and some more objective reporters
use the term "traditional marriage." But the medis uses
headlines ike "Gay Marriage Ban Upheld" -- giving out
position a negative connotation. The same type of bias
appears elsewhere -- prostitutes are now called
"undocumented sex workers;" abortion is called
"reproductive choice," and illegal aliens are called
"undocumented immigrants." The one good aspect is that
when you start reading their accounts you know at once
which side they are on.

From a former US President: "America was born a
Christian nation for the purpose of exemplifying to the
nations of the world the principles of righteousness
found in the Word of God." - Woodrow Wilson, President





Two more primary elections are completed but
the overall situation has not changed appreciably.
The Democrat presidential nomination, based on the
number of delegate votes, still appears to belong to
Barack Obama, but for now, Hillary Clinton remains
in the race despite increased pressure from her fellow
Democrats to concede.

Two more primary elections were completed yesterday;
Clinton won in Kentucky by more than a 2 to 1 margin,
and picked up 40 delegates to Obama's 16. The win
was not unexpected, and brought the total number of
delegates won to 1932 for Obama to 1755 for Clinton.
In Oregon, Obama's victory was also not unexpected,
beating Clinton by a 3 to 2 margin. Elected delegates
were apportioned, raising Obama's total to 1960, and
Clinton's to 1777. Three more primaries remain during
the first week in June ... a Democrat Party conference at
the end of this month might resolve the Florida/Michigan
dispute ... and the struggle goes on ... and on ... and on.

Of possible greater importance is the decision by
the California Supreme Court by a 4-3 margin that the
vote in March, 2000 when by a 61.4% majority the
people of California banned homosexual marriage in
the state, was -- in their opinion -- "unconstitutional."
Proposition 22 used just 14 words to establish the law
of the state: "Only marriage between a man and a
woman is valid or recognized in California."
In a report on the Court's decision, this phrase was
used: "The Court's decision prevails despite a
vote of 4,618,673 to 4 against it." Or expressed
another way,"this decision essentially revokes the
right of children to have a mother and a father."

California will thus join Massachusetts as the only
state where homosexual marriage is permitted, is valid
and is recognized. Of course, the 4-3 decision by the
Court is not being well received by everyone in
California. Mike Reagan, son of President Ronald
Reagan, made this comment: "Its no longer 'We the
People,' it is now 'They the Judges' who make the
decisions in the Golden State."

There is a concentrated effort under way, essentially
by the Christian population in California, to bring a
marriage amendment to the California constitution to
the election in November, believing that the 61% who
voted in favor of maintaining traditional marriage in the
state in 2000 will vote that way again.

Forgotten or overlooked in all of this "progressive"
Liberal agenda is the fact that this nation was founded
and established on Judeo-Christian principles. America
became great because she demonstrated her firm
adherence to those principles in developing and
observing the American way of life. Now after two
centuries of demonstrating to the world around us the
superiority of that culture, this is no time to give up and
surrender our way of life to the dictates of elitist, anti-
family activists in judicial robes who choose to nullify
the vote of the majority of the people of the state of

Pope Benedict XVI spoke to the issue, calling
traditional marriage between a man and a woman, "the
natural cradle of human life ... that cannot be
substituted by, confused with, or compared to other
types of unions."

In addition to homosexuals, who else favored the Court's
decision? The ACLU sent this message to its supporters,
"We won the marriage case in California. No need for
hyperbole here. This is big. ...And as the New York
Times recently pointed out, the California Supreme
Court is the most influential state high court in
America.... This was a prize of inestimable value."

Apparently forgotten is the fact that it is the people who
make the laws, not judges; it is the people, not the courts
who decide how they shall be governed. We have a
very difficult but extremely important task ahead of us.

The "Evangelical Manifesto" that we commented on
last week: it is still around, but running into strong negative
reaction on the part of true Evangelical believers who put
solid theological principles first. It was a major publicity
project, but seems to be as described by Shakespeare in
Macbeth, as being "... full of sound and fury, signifying
nothing." However, another document, a statement of
principles sponsored by recognized Evangelical leaders,
titled the "We Get It" Declaration has been released. It is
part of a petition drive, designed to reveal the truth about
Al Gore's "Global Warming" theory. It stresses the belief
that Christians should be good stewards of God's creation.
US Senator James Inhofe (R, OK) said, "The 'We Get It'
Declaration speaks for me, and I believe it speaks for
the vast majority of Evangelicals, who are as tired as I
am of being misrepresented by people who don't bother
to get their theology, their science or economics right."

Read the Declaration at: www.wegetit.org
It is less than one page in length, not like the 20 pages of
the "Evangelical Manifesto." And for a further discussion,
click on: http://thinking2008.notlong.com/

An enduring principle: "We, the people are the rightful
masters of both Congress and the courts., not to over-
throw the Constitution, but to overthrow men who
pervert the Constitution." - Abraham Lincoln, at his
First Inauguration, 1861

Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

Too good to miss! At Tel Aviv University in Israel this
week Al Gore received a $1 million award for his work
in promoting his "Global Warming" theory. But right on
the heels of that ceremony came the announcement that
more than 31,000 (yes -- 31,000) scientists from across
the US -- including more than 9,000 PhDs in climatology,
earth science and environment -- have signed a petition
rejecting the theory that human production of greenhouse
gasses is damaging the earth's climate. The statement uses
these words to introduce its conclusion: "There is no
convincing scientific evidence . . ."

There are puzzling elements in some of the
political rhetoric of the present campaign for the
Democrat nomination. For example, Barack Obama
keeps insisting that as a Senator he voted against the
war in Iraq. But here's the puzzling part: the war in
Iraq began in March 2003, but he was not sworn
into office as a Senator until January, 2005.

It probably could have been expected, but in any
event it has happened. In Britain a new prayer book
for Reform Judaism has been released, with gender-
neutral language in referring to God. Instead of
referring to God as "Father," or "Lord," terms like
"Living God" and "Eternal One" are used. For what
it is worth, a recent survey disclosed that 75% of
British Christians think of God as male.

One of those multi-syllabic words is again in wide-
spread use: "Missional." What does it mean? It is
used to describe a strategy for a church to use in
increasing growth; others see it as focusing on God's
work throughout the world; still others use it as a
means of "meeting people where they are." The word
is being widely used in discussing church activity. It
would seem to make sense to agree on what it means.

"The American Family Outing" is under way. For
six weeks, winding up on Father's Day, June 15, a
group will visit six mega-churches to discuss LGBT
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) conceptions.
Their first visit was to Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church
in Houston on Mother's Day. Osteen declined the
opportunity to meet with the "Soulforce" group. For
Bible believing Christians, any acceptance of the LGBT
position poses a real problem.

Back to Barack Obama: who said it shows "wisdom
to talk not just to our friends but to our enemies, like
Roosevelt did...like Truman did..." Our enemies in
WWII were Hitler in Japan and Tojo in Japan. FDR
talked with neither of them before declaring war with
unconditional surrender as the goal. He died before the
victory was won, but Harry Truman did not abandon the
goal of unconditional surrender, and ended the war not
with negotiation, but with the atom bomb. Truman was
also president when North Korea invaded South Korea
in 1950. He did not consult with Kim Il Sung. He sent
American troops to do battle against North Korea. Mr.
Obama is just a bit light on facts in his "change" speech.

Wise words to remember: "In the beginning of a
change, the patriot is a scarce and brave man, hated
and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the
timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
-- Mark Twain, 1904



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Vol. 10, No. 20 May 14, 2008 © 2008

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First , and let’s get it out of the way – there was
yesterday’s Democrat primary election in West Virginia.

Almost minutes after the polls closed, the various news
media announced that they had projected Hillary Clinton
as the winner. That decision was not unexpected. Barack
Obama campaigned only lightly in West Virgina, early
conceding the state to Clinton. The overall delegate count
remains relatively the same after a net gain of 10 for
Clinton with Obama well ahead of her at every level.

Now five more primaries remain, winding up on June 3.

Speculation as to the outcome has so many possibilities.
Will Hillary concede and give up? Will Hillary take the
issue all the way to the convention? Will Obama make a
serious mistake and blow his currently apparent victory?

Only time will tell, and the battle continues with Kentucky
and Oregon the next conflict sites on May 20. Until then,
as the old saying goes: "Stay tuned."

Not because of its great importance, but the release last
week of the "Evangelical Manifesto" does merit some
consideration. One is reminded of the comment by Orson
Welles in the film "The Third Man," where he said that
Italy after 30 years of war, terror and bloodshed under the
Borgias produced Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo,

while Switzerland after 500 years of brotherly love, peace
and democracy, produced the cuckoo clock. Here after what
the "Manifesto" principal drafter, Os Guinness, claims was
3 years of work, the "Steering Committee" of 9 members
has produced a 20 page essay which is essentially a political
document (although that is a distinction they strongly claim
to condemn) strategically released in Washington, DC
during the final days of the year’s (to date) most active
national political campaign. It is unquestionably another
divisive factor in the already fractured American
Conservative Christian community, coming as it does when
there is an obvious jockeying for leadership positions in that
world. There is an over-abundance of words to define a
simple concept, but it is true that the term "Evangelical"has
been misused and abused. The sponsors are too young to
have known at first hand the complex situation from which
the "Evangelical" concept emerged in the early years of the
twentieth century. Guinness himself was only 10 years of
age in 1951 when he first left his birth country, China, to
live in Great Britain. There is no bibliography to indicate
that any historical research was done in drafting the paper.

There is no acknowledged awareness of Carl Henry’s
definitive text on this subject,"The Uneasy Conscience
of Modern Fundamentalism," published in 1947. It is of
interest that Guinness manages to include much of the
premise of his own book, "The Case for Civility," by
restating his case for a "civil public square" as opposed to
a "naked" public square on one side and a "sacred" public
square on the other. Criticisms of the "Manifesto" from
thoughtful Conservative Christians – real "Evangelicals" –
are beginning to increase. It is to be hoped that this exercise
in the use of the English language will quickly fade away
without doing any serious damage to the Christian cause.

However, given the anti-Christian bias of so much of the
nation’s media, this exclusive and excluding document will
conceivably be used to prove that there is a serious division
among American Christian believers. Any such division is,
as in this instance, between Conservatives and Liberals,
which should not be unexpected, for Jesus warned us in
Matthew 24, "... false prophets ... will deceive many ...
even the very elect ..."

The purpose statement of this newsletter: "A weekly
review and commentary on current issues and their
influence on American life and culture from the societal,
religious and political aspects." Subscription is free –
just forward your copy to some friends and urge them to
subscribe by sending their request to our email address:


Sometime we have cause to wonder: are we a nation of
laws? The media has made much of two recent events: (1)
the polygamous cult in Texas and the apparent sexual abuse
of minor children, resulting in the removal of hundreds of
children from the cult’s headquarters, and (b) the massive
"drug bust" uncovered by federal agencies on the campus of
San Diego State University in California. (1) With respect
to the separatist group from the main Mormon Church, state
officials acted to protect minor children and moved them
into temporary foster care facilities while the investigation
into the details of the case goes forward. The leader of the
cult, Warren Jeffs, regarded as a "prophet" among its
10,000 members, is currently serving a 10 year sentence
for rape in a Utah penitentiary. Meanwhile the ACLU has
weighed in on the side of the cultists. But if the law in
Texas labels a sexual act by an adult upon a minor child as
unlawful, one has to wonder why the state’s action is so
wrong. (2) In the California university case, the district
attorney has arrested more than 100 individuals for
engaging in the unlawful use of drugs, both for possession
and intent to distribute. Initially approximately 75 were
listed as students; later counts raised that number to 95,
while the University maintains the number of students
involved is only 33. A faculty member in political science,
and head of the faculty union, Carole Kennedy, was upset
that the president "unilaterally" allowed federal agents to
gather evidence about student drug use on the campus.

Again the question arises: if drug use and sale is unlawful,
why is what the federal agents did so wrong, and why
shouldn’t the students be subject to the discipline of the
law? The ACLU hasn’t showed up yet, but their action
to intervene would not be a surprise.

Our Founding Fathers were concerned about children:
"The foundation of national morality must be laid in
private families ... How is it possible the children can
have any just sense of the sacred Obligations of Morality
or Religion if, from their earliest infancy, they learn their
mothers live in habitual Infidelity to their fathers, and
their fathers in as constant Infidelity to their mothers?"

– John Adams, from his diary, June 2, 1778

And Some Random Afterthoughts . . .

Glenn Beck, CNN’s concession to Conservatives, made
an interesting comment last week when he argued that
instead of the Democrats continuing to object to the profits
of the nation’s oil companies, they focus on our prestigious
universities like Harvard, who have billions (yes billions) in
endowment funds. Glenn calculated that they could send
20,000 students there, per year, for free, based on just the
interest income alone. Sounds like a great idea, but don’t
count on it happening anytime soon.

An interesting news report from China: According to
the Christian Post, just thirty years ago Christianity and
the Bible were banned in China. Today Christianity is the
second largest officially recognized religion in China, and
on May 19 the world’s largest Bible printing facility will
open in Nanking, with the result that some observers have
already labeled Nanking as "the Bible printing capital of
the world." Last year Amity printed 6 million Bibles, but
the new facility can print 12 million per year. In addition,
plans are underway to produce the Bible in downloadable
audio books so young people can hear it on MP3 players.

Another "Top Ten" list: there seems to be no end of "Top
Ten" lists for just about every category. Forbes.com has
just released a new such list of 10: "The World’s Most
Powerful Luxury Brands." We have become accustomed
to having just about every manufactured item being made
outside America: television sets, computers, cell phones,
clothing, furniture, even pharmaceuticals and foods to name
a few – but in this list every one of the top luxury brands
are of foreign origin. Here is the list, in order, 1 - 10: Louis
Vuitton; Hermes; Gucci; Cartier; Chanel – all from France;
Rolex (Swiss); Hennessy (France); Armani (Italy); Moet &
Chandon, and Fendi – both from France. There is probably
a message for us somewhere in there. Perhaps it is that we
shouldn’t spend our money on luxury items.

An old quote is again appearing on the Internet: It goes
somewhat like this: "It is a matter of record that when the
Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight
Eisenhower, found the victims of the Nazi death camps, he
ordered all possible photographs be taken. He did this
because he said in words to this effect, ‘Get it all on record
now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere
down the road of history some b____ will get up and say
that this never happened.’" In our day we are seeing one
claim after another – Iran’s president’s is a good example –
to the effect that the holocaust never happened. Most recently
Hamas (Jimmy Carter’s choice of negotiators) has released
a new documentary with this sinister twist – that the Jews
themselves devised the Holocaust to exterminate the aged
and sickly among them so that they would not be a burden
on the future State of Israel. During this 60th year of Israel’s
history, let us never forget the instruction of Psalm 122:6,

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

The Founding Fathers’ view of family values: "Let
divines and philosophers, statesmen and patriots, unite
their endeavors to renovate the age by impressing the
minds of men with the importance of educating their
little boys and girls, inculcating in the minds of youth the
fear and love of the Deity ... and leading them in the study
and practice of the exalted virtues of the Christian system."

– Samuel Adams, 1790




First, let’s consider the election issues: This
week’s two primaries went somewhat as predicted,
with Hillary Clinton barely taking a win in Indiana
– but with a much smaller margin of victory than all
predictions indicated – by only 2 percentage points –
far less than the double-digit win she had expected to
have. And in North Carolina, Barack Obama’s win was
by a larger margin than most had predicted, by about
14 percentage points. From the two primaries Obama,
had a total of about 1,505,000 votes against Clinton’s
1,295,000 votes. But still with no sign of giving up by
Clinton, the race will continue through 6 more primary
elections before the campaign ends on June 3.

"Is a puzzlement." One recalls the words of Yul
Brynner in "The King and I" when trying to balance
candidate Hillary Clinton’s promise to end the war in
Iraq and bring the troops home, with her bellicose
threat to Iran that the US could "totally obliterate"
them if they attacked Israel. Sounds more like John
McCain than McCain himself. The Iranian response
was that her words were both "provocative and
irresponsible," and were "a flagrant violation" of
the UN charter – whatever that means.

And Indiana will continue in the news
since at this time each year the major church denominations
have their annual meetings. In mid-June the Southern
Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant
church, will meet in Indianapolis. Then in July/August
the world-wide Anglican Communion will convene the
every-ten-year Lambeth Conference in Canterbury,
at which time the divisions within the American
Episcopal Church over the issues of homosexuality
will be a major topic for discussion. Just a week ago
the United Methodist Church in America made its
decision to maintain the language in its rules that
homosexual activity is "incompatible with Christian
teaching." And on that subject, the Presbyterian
Church USA by action of its highest court, cleared the
Rev. Jane Adams Spahr of misconduct in performing
same-sex marriages on the grounds that unions
between two women are not marriages, and ruled
that the lower court "found Spahr guilty of doing
that which be definition cannot be done." Seems to
be a classic example of convoluted logic.

TIME Magazine has done it again! This week’s
issue (May 12) features the magazine’s fifth annual
list naming the "100 Most Influential People in
the World." The list is as remarkable for the names
included, as for those which are not included. As an
example, the only religious figures included are the
Dalai Lama, Bartholomew I of the Eastern Orthodox
Church and Muqtada Al-Sadr, the Iraqi Islamic Shiite.
No Protestant Christian, no Roman Catholic Pope. At
times like this we miss Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell,
James Kennedy and John Paul II. Included was
athlete Lance Armstrong, but no Tiger Woods. George
Mitchell but no Jimmy Carter. Hillary Clinton but no
Bill Clinton. Tony Blair but no Al Gore. And the only
person included in all five of TIME’s annual lists is
Oprah Winfrey. Of the 500 names in all those years,
only 48 have been on the lists more than once. But
George W. Bush and China’s Hu Jintao have each
appeared 4 times, more than any other world leaders.
Still, it would have been nice to think that one, just
one, active Evangelical Christian Believer was of some
influence in the world.

If you would like to have this newsletter delivered
to your email In-Box every Wednesday morning, just
send your request, along with your email address, to:

With all the presidential election activity, have
you ever wondered what kind of a person American
people really want to be their leader? The American
Bible Society commissioned a Zogby poll of likely
voters, and discovered that the majority want one
who reflects Biblical ideals of leadership. Truth and
and integrity were rated as most important. 60% favor
a candidate who follows the examples of leaders from
the Bible. 78% viewed as positive a president citing
Scripture when addressing political positions. Nearly
nearly 50% said they would not vote for a candidate
who did not believe in God. Overall, they want a
leader who demonstrates accountability to God. Not
a bad list to take into the voting booth on election day.

A word from a Founding Father:"Suppose a
nation in some distant Region should take the Bible
for their only law book, and every member should
regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited;
what a utopia, what a paradise would that Region
be." – John Adams, second President, and the first
to occupy the White House. During his first stay there
he wrote to his wife: "I pray Heaven to bestow the
best of Blessings on this House and all that shall
hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise
men ever rule under this roof." (November, 1800)

A few random thoughts . . .

Don’t ignore world demographics. The National
Policy Institute has blended the figures of fertility
rates with the various races and continents on our
planet, and have come up with some interesting
projections for the year 2060. For example, in 1950
whites represented 28% of the world’s population
and Africans represented 9%. In 2060, it is projected
that those rates will remain about the same, but will
be reversed. People of African origin will represent
25% of the world’s population, and those of European
origin will represent 9.8%. Here in America the
Hispanic population will triple to 127 million – and
an erasure of the traditional border between the US
and Mexico seems likely, with Mexico annexing the
current American Southwest. Since the year 2000
whites have lost their former share of the voting age
population in California, dropping from 51.9% in
2000 to about 47% in 2007. Remember Bob Dylan’s
song of the ‘60s: "The times they are a-changin."

An example of "multicultural equivalency."
Our State Department has yielded to pressure from
Muslim interests, and certain words are now banned.
Included are terms like "Jihadist ...Islamic terrorist...
Islamofascist...Islamo-facism...Holy warrior." A
similar list of terms was distributed to diplomatic
circles in Britain and the European Union last year.
We are waiting for the approved descriptive term
for suicide bombers; presumably the term "homicide
bomber" would be considered offensive.

It isn’t just in America that the Boy Scouts have
trouble – they’re also under attack in Great Britain,
but not by the ACLU. There the British Humanist
Association and the National Secular Society have
led the attack, but the grounds are the same – in
Britain the Scout Oath includes the pledge to "do
their best to do their duty to God and the Queen."
As in this country, the scouts in Britain are being
labeled "discriminatory." Historically, both nations
used to put God first, but in the ongoing decline
into a secular society, the old beliefs have changed.

Don’t throw away your winter coats, at least
not any time soon. And wherever Al Gore is, someone
should call his attention to the fact that all his
"Global Warming" followers have come face-to-face
with some contrary facts, as reported by Christopher
Booker in the London Telegraph on May 4. Note these
few excerpts: "Two weeks ago, as North America
emerged from its coldest and snowiest winter for
decades, the US National Climate Data Center ...
issued a statement that snow cover in January on
the Eurasian land mass had been the most extensive
ever recorded ... On April 24 the World Wildlife Fund
published a study warning the Arctic sea ice was
melting ...[but] by March the ice had recovered to
14 million sq km, and that ice cover... was at its
highest level ever recorded ... At the same time
Antarctic sea ice cover was also at its highest-ever
level." So let’s keep those winter coats handy!

Time proven words to remember: "My concern
is not whether God is on our side; my greatest
concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always
right." – Abraham Lincoln

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